Chapter 40

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Curled up on the sofa with my head against Blazes chest I listened to his steady heartbeat. I didn't get much sleep and when I did I woke screaming, punching and kicking.

Feeling his arms tighten around me I knew he was awake. We hadn't really spoke much both not knowing what to say. Blaze I think I could handle but having to sit my dad down and tell him that I was kidnapped, beaten and raped by members of a rival MC made me sick to my stomach. I knew he would blame himself, my dad one of the most feared MC presidents around , no one dared mess with what was his but they did.

"Baby" He whispered

"I'm okay" I knew I couldn't lie to Blaze, knew he'd see straight through it but I had to toughen up. No matter how much I wanted to shut myself off, hide away from the world I couldn't let them think that they had won. It was time for me to take my place. Blaze would one day be president and I would be by his side. I needed to come to terms with what they did, adapt to their lifestyle. I was Francis 'Franko' Mendez' daughter and it was time I started acting like it.

"You want coffee?" I asked pushing the blanket off my legs. I didn't want him to fuss over me. I had to try and get everything back to normal.

"Ava.." he sighed running a hand over his face. He looked exhausted and I knew it was because he was watching me all night, didn't sleep much at all.

"Don't fuss okay" Getting to my feet I made my way to the kitchen turning the kettle on. I knew he was struggling with what had happened. I was struggling but I didn't want to show how much. I needed to be strong if not for me then for them.

"You can't just pretend it didn't happen".

I froze. Did he think that's what I was trying to do? Pretend? Fixing 2 cups of coffee I passed him one and took mine to the back door. " Please Blaze I don't want to argue with you". Taking a seat on the steps I watched the sun as it began to rise.

"You can't push me away either because I'm going fucking no where. So please Ava don't do it. Shout at me, hit me, do whatever you want but don't shut me out".

Blinking repeatedly so my tears wouldn't fall I held my mug tight. I couldn't cry anymore, I couldn't show how much I was broken. I also knew he was right. I didn't want to push him away because fuck, I knew I needed him more than anything right now. Placing my mug on the ground I got to my feet. He was mine just as much as I was his. He had me in his arms before I could turn around.

"Please baby don't shut me out" He whispered holding me tightly against him. "I promised you I'll get them and trust me Ava they will pay".

"I know" Blaze was my person, he was the one I wanted to grow old with. Our relationship wasn't all hearts and flowers but whose was? We had been through hell but we came out shining at the other end. I guess when you have the love that we have you could get through anything and I knew we'd get through this. "I love you Blaze I just hope you don't see me differently now" I had to say it. I didn't want people to treat me different but I knew they would. Even if they didn't mean to they can't help it.

"You're still my old lady Ava, still the sexy as fuck girl I've been chasing for years" He chuckled his hand rubbing circles on my back "I'm the luckiest guy ever babe and nothing is going to change I can promise you that". Slapping my ass he grinned at me before pecking my nose "We have to tell your dad and we have to do it today".

My stomach dropped at the thought of it. I had no idea on how he was going to react. "I'll be with you every step of the way, you aren't alone sweets we are all here for you. I didn't want to tell you this but". Rubbing the back of his neck he handed me a smoke.

"Tell me what?" I asked

"Jareds been out all night"..... Taking a draw of my smoke I waited for him to continue. "He has one of them that...hurt you and another member".

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