She was continuously pleading him but he ignored her. He threw the petrol at her which made me gasped. I tried to take a step ahead to stop this but a woman grabbed my wrist and hold me by putting her hand on my mouth. "Don't take this stupid step. Don't you fear for your life. He will burn you with her," she whispered quietly.

Because of that woman I was unable to move. I defeatedly watched all the horror scene in front of my eyes. He lit the match stick and yelled, "This is what you women will get if you ever try to do anything against men," with this he threw that stick on her and in a second she was started burning.

I closed my eyes and felt the women hold loose on me. My tears were streaming down on her screaming of help but no one was helping her and soon her voice got down and then final vanished.

Her father laughed loudly like a Satan. I picked my shoes in my hands and aimed them at him. "Who the hell do this?" he shouted in anger. Few eyes were on me and I didn't fear and moved ahead. "I did this," I said with a fire inside my eyes.

He laughed sinisterly and came near me. He grabbed my arm tightly and said gritted his teeth, "I can destroy you girl like this worthless you know," he pushed me making me fell. I clenched my hands tightly on the sand and threw the sand at him.

He screamed which made me smile. His bloodshot eyes snapped towards me and he advanced towards me. Before he did something, I was slapped by non other than my father.

My father made me stand up by grabbing my hairs. "Chaudhry Sahab, I apologize you on the behalf of my daughter. I will make sure that she never do this again," abba said last line gritting his teeth.

"You better be. If she repeat this again then she will face the same consequence as this worthless did," that bastard spoke loudly pointing to his daughter who was now completely burned. He looked so proud of his self because according to him, he saved the pride of all the men.

Abba pulled me with him by my hairs in his fist tightly. Everyone just stood there and looked at the show without saying anything. I never understood why they didn't do anything. Didn't they remember united we stand and divided we fall apart. Didn't they know or think once if we all became a strength we could easily beat that types of bastards.


Abba threw me whuch made me stumbled on the floor but to my luck I fell on the floor. Abba closed the door of the house and looked around in full rage. Amma was looking at us in fear and helpless with my elder sister.

My elder brother, Zaigham looked at me with a smirk. I gritted my teeth looking at my so called brother. Abba picked the stick and started beating me with it. I pressed my lips together as he beat me.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You worthless ugly thing. Don't you remember you are nothing just a pet in front of men? You should have know your limits," abba yelled as he tried to beat the living hell out of me. I bit my lips to stop crying out in pain because I didn't want to satisfy or please him with my pain.

My whole body was hurting and I laid on the floor, still made no voice to please him. Abba was an inspector of this village, a senior inspector and a cruel inspector of this village. When I didn't feel him hitting me again, I opened my eyes and saw amma holding abba leg and bagging him, "Don't.. Please.. Don't hit her."

Abba picked amma by her hairs and shouted, "Why? Tell me you want me to hit you instead of her?" Amma shook in fear and trembled. I opened my mouth and barely spoke, "Leave it, amma. Let him hit me."

Abba smirked down at me and pulled amma with him in his room. I tried to stop him and yelled at him to stop. I knew he was doing this to teach me lesson. He knew it was useless to beat me. He knew I hate it when he beat amma. He knew it hurt me badly when he abused amma.

I heard amma screaming and abba beating her. I heard the him slapping amma and throwing things at her. My elder sister, Zara Noor, was crying and sobbing. She was helpless and weak in front of abba. I stood up my feet with all the left strength but Zaigham held me and twisted my arm behind me tightly

The pressure was so much on my arm it started hurting. I tried to free my arm and shouted at him to let me go. I wanted to help amma but he was not leaving me. I was feeling so useless because I was failed to save amma again from abba torture.

The life of all the women in this village is like that. If you ever tried to raise your voice, this men creation of this village would gladly killed us or abused us to the death.


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