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•||Ch1: Demons of village||•

•||Ch1: Demons of village||•

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||Sania POV||

Everyone rushed in one way which made me curious. "Hey! What is going on?" I asked stopping a kid. "Appi! Chaudhry Sahab is going to give his daughter a punishment because she tried to run away from her house and also she was planning something against her father," the kid informed me.

I gasped and ran away, followed people. "Abba! Abba! Sorry! It was a mistake! Don't do this!" I heard Humaira voice from distant. I ran further in the crowd and looked at the scene in front of me which made me shiver in horror and fear.

Humaira was holding legs of his father begging his but, no, he was not showing his mercy at her. "Abba, please! I said I will not do this ever again," she was crying and pleading him but he was not listening him.

I looked around at everyone who were seeing all this. Some were watching this helplessly, some with smirk, some with shock and some were like they wanted to kill her, not her father. Sick people.

He picked her grabbing his hairs and shouted loudly, "See, all the people of village. If anyone try to break my law especially girls, where are the girls and women of this village," he looked around and looked at the mother who was tried her best to hide her daughter face not wanted her to witness this all.

"Let her see this. So when she will become older, she will know never to go against my rules," he said with an evil smirk looking at the mother and kid. He walked towards the kid and grabbed her from her mother, "Grab that kid face and make her watch this," he said giving the kid to one of his men.

Her mother pleaded him, "Sahab! Sahab! Don't do this. She is a little kid. Please leave me daughter out of this all." He was not listening her pleads. She begged him and spread her dupatta in front of him by holding the ends of her dupatta.

"She has to witness it because she see this all then she will never do such a mistake in her future. And if you try to say one more word then I will slit her throat and hang it out of your house." The mother fell on her knees and cried silently.

"As I was saying, if anyone tried to go against my rule and law, especially girls then their fate will like that worthless shit. You, women should know your limits. What you think? You can have equal rights like us. You are not our equals nor you can ever compete us or defeat us."

"Just like this earth is under our feet, you girls are also like this earth, underneath our feet," It angered me so much that I wanted to kill that man. He turned to his daughter and tied her with rope on the old tree which had no life in it.

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