1: "Don't make me too jealous."

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This is the sequel to Getting Over Matt (see the External Link if you want to read it). This story will make more sense if you've read Getting Over Matt, but it isn't essential. Enjoy!xx 

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Chapter 1 - "Don't make me too jealous." 

"So many stairs," Nathan panted as we continued up to the top floor of the building. "Why did you have to pick the flat on the top floor, Bella?" 

"It's not like I chose it," I murmured. "I applied for accommodation and then they randomly assigned me a flat." 

"At least you'll improve your fitness by going up and down here every day!" he joked. 

I didn't respond to his joke. Nathan knew how nervous I was about moving into my university flat and meeting my new flatmates; he thought that joking around would calm me down. 

"Here we are," he said cheerfully. "Flat 13. Lucky number, Bella," he winked. 

I scowled at him. "You're not funny." 

"I'm a comedian, Bella, and you know it." 

I placed the box I was carrying down on the floor and then fished in my pocket for the key to the flat door. My fingers were shaking as I turned the key to open the door. Why was I so nervous? What was the worst that could happen? I didn't want to consider that. 

"Bella," Nathan said as I picked up my box again, holding the door open with my foot. "Put that box on top of mine and then you've got your hands free to open your bedroom door." 

I looked at him sceptically. Nathan was already carrying a heavy box. "You sure you can manage both?" 

"Babe, I'm made of muscles. Nothing is too heavy for these guns." 

I rolled my eyes and lifted my box to carefully set it on top of his. He didn't even wince. Pulling the door open properly, and holding it open so Nathan could follow me through, I noticed that none of the lights in the corridor were turned on. 

"Why is it so dark?" I frowned. 

"Because you need to press the light-switch to activate the lights," Nathan said smartly, never one to miss an opportunity to point out the obvious. 

"I must be the first one here," I said quietly as we walked down to the corridor and noted all the closed doors. 

"Well that's good," Nathan said cheerfully. "We can crack on with sorting out your room without you feeling obliged to socialize with your new flatmates. Plus when they arrive they'll probably come and introduce themselves to you. So you don't have to worry about that too much either." 

"Hmm," I said, coming to a stop in front of the bedroom door that corresponded with the number on my key. 

Nathan placed the boxes down and continued along the corridor, opening the door at the end which I assumed was the kitchen. Whilst he explored that, I opened my bedroom door and stepped into the room where I'd be living for the next year of my life. 

It was pretty bare but obviously it would be. I was supposed to decorate it myself, make it my own room so it felt more homely. There was a bed against the right-hand wall with a long desk against the left-hand side. The window was directly opposite the door and opened slightly, allowing a small breeze to trickle through. Silently, I wandered over to the window, hoping that I at least had a nice view so something positive could come out of being on the top floor. Luckily, my wish was granted. I could see straight across the city and knew that it would look even more spectacular at night when all the buildings were lit up. 

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