Chapter 43

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The canvas of sky got painted with light shades of orange and yellow as Bhopal witnessed another hustling morning. The sunlight strained through the cream curtains of her room as she turned on her back, lifting the duvet over her face to save herself from the scrutinizing rays which were disturbing her sleep. With a groan Safiya opened her eyes and sat up groggily, hating the feeling of waking up so early. As she was about to lie again on the bed, the doorbell began to ring spoiling her mood all over. Didn't know where was Dado and all the servants, who weren't even listening to the sound of that awful doorbell?

Sleepily walking to the main door, fixing the scarf over her head with closed eyes, Safiya opened the door to see her husband standing there. She rubbed her eyes to move the remnants of her sleep, still treating Daiyan as an illusion.

"I'm feeling so sleepy..." Safiya mumbled and was about to push the door closed when a heavyweight stopped it. Forcing herself out of her sleepy state, she opened her eyes fully to have a look in front of her. It was really Daiyan Mustafa who was staring at her with confusion, still holding the door with one hand to let it open.

"Sorry... I thought I was imagining you." Safiya muttered moving away from the door to let him inside. She didn't know Daiyan would come today. Yes, Dado was stating that she talked to him and all but she didn't mention his arrival.

Daiyan moved inside and turned to face her, keeping the bag beside him near his foot "I didn't know, you imagined me?"

"Ah, people get nightmares every now and then, Daiyan."

She gave a small smile moving closer to him, her eyes were still heavy with sleep. These night sleeplessness was turning her into an owl and now Safiya was getting irritated with it because she always felt tired and on low energy. Resting her head on his chest, she closed her eyes wrapping her arms around him. She had no energy to go back to her room, she could complete her sleep here, standing near Daiyan.

"Stop talking, Daiyan. You know, I was not able to sleep the whole night because of my medicines..." She mumbled as her slumber stole the words from her lips, Safiya only felt a low rumble of Daiyan's chest, maybe he chuckled.

The sleep bid goodbye to her eyes as Safiya opened them, a smile crawling on her lips over the dream she had just seen. Smilingly she sat up on her bed and looked through her phone, slightly surprised as there were no messages from Daiyan. From the time she had come to Bhopal maybe three days ago, there would be a constant message from Daiyan-telling her about his departure for the restaurant and asking about her health. But to her surprise today there was not any.

The smile quickly vanished from her lips. She made her way to the washroom, the energy she was feeling some moment ago instantly gone. Here Safiya saw such a wonderful dream and her husband had no worry for her. After finishing her business, she came to the kitchen only to stop in her tracks.

It wasn't a dream!

Daiyan was sitting on the dining chair, busily devouring his breakfast while scrolling through his phone. So she really opened the door for him and also slept while standing, hugging Daiyan Mustafa. Great!

Her cheeks burned with embarrassment while thinking about prior incidents. "Good morning, little girl." Safiya halted in her tracks as she was about to run back to her room but her utter luck, Daiyan had seen her.

"Good morning." Safiya sheepishly replied, grabbing the chair and taking a seat across him.

"Slept well?"

Daiyan asked wiping his hands with the napkin and picking up his glass of juice. He was teasing her, she knew. The hidden smile on his lips as Daiyan observed her was not so veiled but she would not accept her defeat so easily.

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