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- The distance between Fuyang and Yanting is not close. The reason why Yuyu chooses to ride instead of riding a carriage is because it is not close to the distance, and then take a carriage and wander, it will take longer.

Fortunately, in the palace, she has no time to learn to ride horses, in order to get to Liyang quickly, or to hurry away from the wind city, Qin Yu almost did not play too much on the way, there are good things do not play, there are Good things don't eat! How tortured this is to her!( She had to lern to ride a horse in the palace for future preparations and now it bear results that's what I understood from this)

Fortunately, efforts will still pay off! Day and night, it took three days to arrive in Fuyang!

Xiangyang is the midpoint of Qingfeng and Yaoyue. This is also mentioned in the front. Because of this, in the place of Xiangyang, you can see many things unique to the country, such as cloth with special materials. Chic rouge, Zhu Xi or something!

Shopping with others, for Lan Qin Yu, this is the second time, the first time it was with Mo Yun. After that, Tianqing had rescued her from an attack , and she was very careful about her behavior. He did not leave her a gap.

This time you have to play enough!

Just in case, Fuyang has also received the news from the princess, and Qin Yu has re-applied her 'mask', just... too popular face does not conform to her aesthetics, this time replaced one Zhang is more delicate, looks pretty and elegant, and if you carry an old booklet with a small book on your back, it is a typical dead nerd!

Qing Xun is also very handsome, so he is more noticeable than her, can divert attention, should not be noticed by her!

The facts also prove that Qin Yu's idea is correct. Qing Xun and her are walking on the street. The rate of returning to Qing Xun is 200%, and Qin Yu is more likely to be ignored. Two good-looking people stand together, and the one that is a little bit less noticeable almost always will be ignored!

Going shopping with the handsome guy, there is light on his face, and the eyes of those ladies are all red hearts. Look, look, you only have to look at it! Qing Xun is with her, he has to find a companion to pass her screening, can not be cheaper than other people's small **!

Qing Xun, should I follow her all the time?

"Qing xun,can I ask you something?"

Qing Xun politely nodded. "You ask."

"You have always been with Mo Yun, now Mo Yun sent you to protect me, follow me, then I will not need you to protect afterwards, maybe Tianqing will find me, will you come back to Moyun?"

If it is not true to protect her, care about her safety issues, I always feel that such protection makes people feel uncomfortable.

Qing stays silent for a moment, saying: "Master wants me to stay with you all the time. Always put your safety first. Master have good martial arts and good minds. You should be protected more than master. ."

The meaning in the words seems to mean that he will choose to protect her, but he does not know clearly... Is this letting her guess?

"I said, call me Xiao Yu,  don't call me Miss! Also, what is better than Xiaoyunyun, I should be protected? am I so weak? So people are not pleasing to the eye, where to go They are eyeing to cut kill! ah? "

  He doesn't know how to look at it. In fact, he would like to say that you are indeed very easy to be stared at... However looking at  Lan Qin Yu's 'terror' filled eyes really make him unable to say it.

"Look, there seems to be something happening there, it is better to go see it."

This person actually learned to transfer the topic!

Forget it, anyway, her words are quite nutritious. To continue to say it is just a waste of saliva. It seems that there are really many people gathered in the direction at 2 o'clock in front. Maybe something really happened!

There is a lot of fun and not an idiot!

"Go! Go and see what fun to watch!"

Qing Xun did not admit anything, but there is still some concern for his in the words, so I can disturb him with this point!(??)

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