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"Qingxun, you followed me from the beginning, right?"

I should have guessed it! Before Mo Yun was also silent, she sent her to find her in the dark to protect her. Why didn't she have a long brain! Even if the situation of Feng Jilin has subsided, after the poisoning incident, Mo Yun has been worried about her image and in his eyes she is a woman who has no power!

Qing Xun does not speak, he does not know what to say, his master have said to protect in the dark, but now has been discovered by the princess, how to continue to protect in the dark?

Say so...

"Mo Yun knew when she was just out of the palace?"

If Qing Xun has been following her, then Mo Yun had long known that she is out of the palace, is also understandable, he and Qing search must be connected!

Somewhat flusteredly she grabbed the arms of Qing Xun, and asked indefinitely: "Feng Tianqing? Mo Yun should not tell Tian Qing of my whereabouts?"

Shake your head, be sure to shake your head! Don't nod!

Qing Xun shook his head very honestly. "Master did not tell the Second Highness, just let Qingxun continue to protect the safety of the princess and tell master at any time."

  He doesn't know, Tianqing doesn't know yeah!

Really dangerous! She thought that her escape plan had not really started yet, and it was over! Fortunately, Mo Yun is still quite interesting, did not tell Tianqing, still so good, sent her a bodyguard! She can't just waste a piece of Mo Yun's mind, right?

Her three-legged cat self-defense technique seems to have limited use here. There is a master who is always on the sidelines, where to play, and my heart will be more secure.

"I already know that you will protect me anyway, and you don't have to hide it. It's awkward! You just go with me and it's OK, just there is a companion!"

I'm thinking about it, since it's already exposed... I'm pretending not to know it, it seems too strange.

"Yes, just do what the princess said."

  Qin Yu shouted the card!(??) His name is the most important thing to change!

"Don't call me princess, call me Xiao Yu, and Xiao Yunyun also calles me this way! Don't say no, don't let me repeat it again. I want to be called this way! Against it is invalid!"-

After Yan Ting's house was smashed by Lan Qin Yu, he soon received news that if he was away from the princess's private visit, he would look for the princess's trace in Yanting. After seeing the emperor, Lan Qin Yu's face was very Complex and so es her mood .

This emperor actually wrote that the princess in order to observe the people's feelings, micro-service private visit! All local officials are reminded to pay attention to the movement of the princess and to protect her strictly!

Also observe the people's feelings? Micro-service private visit? She is not Kangxi! Even if it is really Kangxi micro-service, this kind of emperor list, the micro-service has become a visit! Kangxi will feel a headache!

Feng Tian Qing! Even so, people will use it, knowing to use the power of the masses to find her!

She will not let you succeed. Since it is said that it is a micro-service private visit, she will make a private visit, and absolutely will never reveal to anyone that she is a princess! See if he can find her!

I am mad at him!

"Go! Qing Xun, I will soon, leave Yanting!"

The farther away from the wind city, the better, leave this place early!

The wind and the wind returned to the 'Yuelai' to finish the account, and with the idea of making the best use of it, let Qingxun take the luggage and buy two good horses. Qin Yu was ready to leave at her fastest speed!

"Okay! Let's go! Go to the distant country!"

The next destination, she also asked the 'Yuelai' boss very clearly, that is, the town between the distant moon country and the Qingfeng dynasty – ) (bin) yang -

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