Twenty one

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"Guys when did we get a doorbell?" Hyunjin asks after a ding echoed through the building.

"We don't have a doorbell" I say as we all look around in confusion.

"Dude we live in a desert with no signs of human life why on earth would we have a doorbell?" Felix says recreating the confused girl meme.

"Government bot entering" a voice boomed through the building and everyone's eyes widened.

"Hide!" Woojin shouts and everyone runs around each going to different places.

I sprint down the stairs and go somewhere I think no one will go, the basement. I open the door and I'm immediately greeted by the smell of rotting flesh but I push it away and close the door.

I walk into the basement and I use a torch that I left down here to watch my footing. The light stops reflecting off the metal floor and it meets the corpse of the little girl.

Now dead she shows no signs of once being a drifter she just looks like a young girl who's brown eyes are permanently stuck open pain still visible in her face. I lean down and use the tips of my fingers to pull her eyelids down hoping the little girl she once was is now at peace.

I sit there for what feels like hours looking at the girl and her half eaten mother. I begin to think how could a disease like this appear out of what seems like no where? It doesn't seem possible for a disease to turn people into savage beings with only the goal of infecting others.

What just it do to the persons mind? How do they feel in their final moments of consciousness? Do they see those around them run away in fear, or do they become brain dead? I hate thinking about it, I hate it. I hate that it has to happen to Chan. No, there is hope and even if it is the slightest chance of him being okay I will hold onto that chance for as long as I can. I refuse to let the virus take any of those I love. I will not let it.

"Human life forms detected" the voice echoes though the building again and I quickly race from the basement to find the others. While running up the stairs Changbin joins me and we all meet in our main room once again.

"What was that?" Jeongin says as we burst through the door.

"A government bot. The wusses, they were too afraid to find us themselves so they sent out a robot to do it instead" Chan grits his teeth.

"What are we gonna do now?" Seungmin asks.

"Stay here, there's nothing we can do. They won't come and get us they're too afraid. They just want to know where we are, know we're not planning on going back" Minho says.

We all disperse around the room sitting down and relaxing after the unexpected fright of being found out and killed.

I take this opportunity to check on Chan's forearm. I grab the first aid kit and go sit next to him by the window. I smile at him and he gives me a sad smile in return.

He pulls up the sleeve of his jumper and I sigh at his gash. It looked no better than when he had shown me the first time and if anything the skin on his face was going the same yellow as a terminally ill patient and more purple veins stuck out.

I grab a bandage and carefully wrap his forearm apologising when ever he winced or flinched. After I finish I hold his forearm for a bit thinking about how his body is dealing with the virus. Is it accepting it or is it using all of its power to fight it. I hope and pray for the later.

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