08 [Volume 2 content clips enjoy]

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"You, you are really... idiots! I definitely don't allow this kind of thing! How can I, because of you... is it... I have to fix this man anyway! What is the relationship between you, you are also a little beautiful, simply you guys Both are coming to my Feng House!"

Ms. Feng is simply a lion, and she does not care about it. She issues a declaration of a female servant! Let me not say that Qin Yu is not a question of 'fu,' and people don't know this.

As she said more and more explicit, Qin Yu's little patience was gradually polished.

"I said that you still have to be shameless. Are you not too shameful? Your face is lost by you! Still searching for handsome guys everywhere, you are so unwilling to be lonely? You are already ** People want it, but also hope that we are so good, you are dreaming of you? Dreaming of you!"

You can only have a dry addiction in your dreams!


"I think it's so good now, and... don't you think I'm better than that man?"

Which man?

"Are you not with another man? You see, I don't have to be worse with him, it's better... How about you?"

With the urge to laugh out, Yue Ruoyun continued to laugh.

  Qin Yu was overheed by his voice, and hse got goose bump and hurriedly released his hand and stayed away!

"Damn! I don't engage in Gay!" She is a woman, don't treat her as a man!

"What give?"

When Yu Yutou encountered such a thing, it was really dizzy. When he forgot a very important thing, he said, "I am a woman!"

Yue Ruoyun suddenly laughed and made a fuss, how could this person be like a moment, what is it playing?

Isn't that a mental problem? That would be a waste of such an excellent appearance! Very good!

"I know that you are a woman, my eyes are no problem, obviously... you are a woman."

  Yu Ruoyun points to her cheek, it implies that she forgot one thing.

  Qin Yu touched her face, her hands were stiff, there was no skin...

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