Chapter 17

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{May's POV}

"Soo. . .what do I have to do again?" Peter raised an eyebrow while he unbuttoned his shirt.

"My mate's going to be coming in any second now and he's going to walk in on us "making out", I want to see how he'll react."

"I don't think Terrance is going to be bothered by this I mean you've told me that-"

"Yea yea I know what I told you but that doesn't mean that he won't at least feel something." I fluffed up my hair before smearing some of my lipstick on his mouth.

"This is stupid May."

"Just shut up and go with it."


"I said go with it." I hissed. He held up his hands in surrender. "Ok ok."

"May please stop this. Your hurting him and me. He really doesn't love us anymore. . . ." My wolf whimpered. I shut her out and listened carefully for his footsteps and sure enough there were coming and they were coming fast. Peter and I faced each other and brought our lips closer together as if we were in the middle of making out and the bedroom door opened. Terrance stepped in and looked up from his phone. His eyes darted from Peter's to mine then back to Peter's before rolling his eyes and walking right past us. There was no emotion in his eyes whatsoever.

Are you fucking serious!?

"So your not going to say anything at all?" I pulled away from Peter.

"What do you mean?"

"I was just making out with him when you came in. Aren't you going to do anything? Fight him? Yell at me? Cry? Anything?!"

Terrance blinked at me before beginning to open and search random drawers. I frowned. "What are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for the amount of fucks I give but it appears that I can't find any." He looked me dead in the eye while slamming a drawer shut.

"Oooo burn!" Peter bursted out laughing while I scowled. Terrance picked up a couple of papers and a notebook from the nightstand before leaving the room. He stopped at the door. "What's your name?"

Peter immediately stopped laughing and cleared his throat. "Peter." His voice was a bit shaky since he knew even though Terrance didn't have a wolf he was still really strong, stronger than him since he had no rank.

"Well Peter if I was you I would go to a doctor and get check for STDs, May usually fucks more than 3 men in one day so who knows what she contracted."

I gasped in horror at his words and watched his retreating back while Peter was dying of laughter, rolling around in the bed with tears in his eyes. "I. . .I can't breathe! He really gives no fucks and he basically just called you a whore, and your his mate!"

I growled in annoyance and fisted the sheets, my nails tearing it.

That son of a bitch.


{Xavier's POV}

What the hell is wrong is me? I rubbed my temples while walking down the gym halls.

For the past month I can't stop thinking about Sombra. When ever I see her I can't stop staring at her and I want her near me. I've been ignoring Michelle a lot and it's making her upset. It angers me how she's always hanging around Terrance, it's gotten to the point were people were starting to wonder if they were a couple since his relationship with May has gone downhill.

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