05 [Palace Popularity]

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Since Lan Qin Yu came out to the palace, she learned Liu Yan and others, and her popularity index has soared! Later, to help the emperor solve the drought and disaster relief, and help ease the complex relationship between the emperor and Tianqing, Ji Lin, the popularity of Lan Qin Yu is simply like a broken bamboo!

The latest court rankings top the list, of course, Lan Qin Yu! And, this ranking has never been down in the next ten or twenty years!

The rankings are as follows:

First, Lan Qin Yu

Second, Lan Qin Yu

Third, Lan Qin Yu (the number of votes is too much, occupying three positions, still far ahead of others!)

Fourth, Feng Tianqing

Fifth, Mo Yun

Sixth, Feng Lian Che

Seventh,Feng Yan Ruo

Eighth, Queen

Ninth, Shu Guifei

Tenth, Feng Jilin

Originally, if the seven princesses was not named, it was because her life was so scary that she felt that she would be an unfortunate child. After being solved by Lan Qin Yu, the popularity is also rising rapidly!

The number of votes is only 3 !

In comparison, Feng Jilin had a rebellion against his file, and the popularity dropped vertically. Fortunately, it was improved with the help of Qin Yu, so that he could even enter the top ten.

The popularity of Qin Yu is so high, some small characters sigh secretly, and some corners are comforting each other.


"If the princess is the first, if the princess is the first, we can't even enter the top 100..." An unknown nephew complained.

A few nodded next to each other.


One of them still has a fight, and stood up and clenched into a fist. It is very powerful: "No, I can't go down like this, I have to work hard! I want to cheer! I want to be like a princess!" "

The rest of them looked at her with a 'you are dreaming' expression.

"Wake up of that dream, save some strength."

"How can I say this? It is not dream! As long as I work hard, I can be as famous as a princess! Why can't I?" What others can do, she can do the same! She is convinced!

The other few really can't stand the degree of daydreaming of this person, and they are ready to leave.

"Hey, don't go! I can, if you can leave the princess, I-"

"Stop! Don't continue to dream, the princess is popular because she is the princess! And you are not popular because you are not her, so you will never be as  famous as the princess!" .

The high hand of the fighting spirit hangs weakly and suffers a face. Because she is a princess, she is famous, thinking that she is not a princess, so she will never be as famous as the princess...

Oh, this sentence is too convincing...

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