04 [Palace Popularity]

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A while ago, Lan Qin Yu accidentally heard a very interesting thing from a palace woman's mouth.

It is said that there is also a court popularity list in the Palace of the Winds! This so-called leaderboard was voted out by all the people in the palace, like the ladies, the eunuchs, the guards, and even some nephews.

However, those blind people generally vote for themselves...

The only exception is that the votes of the emperor are missing from all of them. As for the reason... People are not emperors, if the popularity is not the first, then that is ok! Who dares to casually pulled this emperor also charting in ah! There are a few lives ah!

Therefore, in addition to the Emperor is the default will not mention the characters, like the Queen and the two noble ladies will also appear on the leaderboard.

Before the blue dragonfly came to the list is as follows:

First, Feng Tianqing

Second, Mo Yun

Third, Feng Lianche

Fourth, Queen Empress

Fifth, Feng Jilin

Sixth, Shu guifei

Seventh, Yu guifei

Eighth, Liu fei

The ninth and tenth are the two that have been smashed by Qin Yu, Liangzhu and Mei Long.

The first few are justified, the latter few, after Lan Qin Yu look at the speculation, it is estimated that these are all based on their own people to harden their own votes...

Just because of their arrogant appearance on weekdays, people in the palace will vote for them, only to blame!

Mo Yun is not really a person in the palace. He can only be regarded as a court person, and before Yu Yu came to this era, Mo Yun would hardly stay in the palace for a long time. However, it is too popular, the charm can not stop, almost all the ladies have voted for Mo Yun! If you are not very popular, you will have ghosts! How many palace ladies are there in the palace? Too many to count!

  To Qin Yu the other nine are more or less familiar, only Shu guifei, Qin Yu, more or less understood.

All that is known is those that I heard from Lian Che. Shu guifei and Lian Che's mother are very good sisters. Shu guifei is a relatively quiet woman, and she will be more active when she is with her mother. However, after she died of her mother's illness, she rarely showed up. She was accompanied by a blue light all the year round in the palace, which is why she had never seen her in the palace for so long.

Her canonization hall Shu guifei did not show up, even on the birthday of the emperor did not appear, it can be considered Shu guifei is a very powerful!

Continue to say that the new court rankings are good, the old is history, history has become a thing of the past! Lan Qin Yu is coming!

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