03 [Ningning Palace Haunted Event]

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Lan Qin Yu was brave enough to ask, "Hey, you, you... the one behind, there is something dirty behind the 'things......Is it?"(??)

In the end, there is something, but it is a sentence! Their expression made her feel terrible, and her face clearly said 'I'm a ghost! '

Really met the ghost! Just because it's fun, I don't have to really hold the ghosts to play, she never thought about letting the ghosts come to be a guest! She can't afford it!

"What are you doing..."

Ghosts are out!



"There are ghosts -"

Lan Qin Yu is afraid to see long hair shawls, no face or horrible ghosts, eyes will die, lost the mixed scream: "Ghost handsome, ghost beauty, forgive me! I have not done anything wrong.

Don't look for me if you have something! I just ate a few dumplings in the imperial kitchen during the day. I caught Zi er hiding her baby embroidery yesterday... and the ghosts I heard the day before yesterday, I deliberately scared him, but there was no such thing. What will be specifically looking for the ghosts of the royal family, the ghost will pick what identity, they are looking at people! There is also a big day before, Xiaodou said that I saw ghosts in the Hurricane Palace, and I also got it! I have recruited, don't hurt me! Ghost Big Brother -"

It's not that you don't have to worry about your life, and you're not afraid of knocking on the door at night! What she did is not a bad thing, why come to her! Moreover, why didn't the ghost knock on the door beforehand?

Come, swindle! cheat!

"What are your ghosts and ghosts! Lan er, Liua Che, don't go to sleep so late, what are you doing here?"

'Ghost Shadow' went one step further, and the face appeared in front of everyone in the light of the candlelight.

"Two...Imperial brother?" Lian Che was dumbfounded, how... the ghost is Feng Tian Qing? Second imperial brother?

The other few also looked up tentatively to see the face of Tianqing, and determined that it was not a ghost. Fortunately, okay, a false alarm!

"Damn, it turned out to be you! Don't be so scary, people are scary!" Lan Qin Yu patted the chest that almost scared her half a life!

  Zi er and Xiao douxi are all black face, dissatisfied with Qin Yu



Ah? What happened to them?

"It's okay, I said no ghosts!"

I forgot that I had just said some of the words that I shouldn't have said, and I didn't want to remind Xiu er.She was asking for trouble this time!

"Princess! You said that you didn't hide my embroidery! Come back to me!" Zier yelled.

Xiaodouzi helps, "Princess, you actually deliberately say that Fengfeng Palace to scares us! Too much!"


Oh ...... it away! The end of the vent!

"Ah! Haha, ah hahaha..."

Can't explain, can't find a reason to explain! At a critical moment, I can't say a word! In the end, I can only laugh and hope to escape their questioning.


After that, Ningning Palace never heard rumors like haunted, and gradually... the eunuchs who had been scared to death were also forgotten.

The few people who were frightened by Feng Tianqing that night, no one proposed to tell the ghost story... Lan Qin Yu failed to stand up for half a month and continue to tease them...

Regret, cannot live!


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