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Many littles and pets use gear to help them get into their headspaces. It helps them feel even more little or petlike. But what gear would they use?

Babies: diapers, bottles, pacifiers, snap crotch onesies, bibs, teethers, etc.
Toddlers: pacifiers, sippy cups, stuffies, coloring books, coloring supplies, footed pajamas, etc.
Older kids: dolls/action figures, coloring books, books for older children, etc.
Kittens/cats: tail and ear sets, paw print gloves, cat toys, cat bowl, string/yarn, etc.
Puppies/dogs: chew toys, tail and ears set, collars and leashes, puppy bowl, etc.

These are just some examples! Not every little or pet likes the same things while they are in their headspaces. Toddlers could like older kid items and older kids could like some toddler items. Kittens could like puppy things while puppies could like kitten things. It all depends on them!

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