Rules Punishments Rewards

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Many dynamics between littles, pets, and their caregivers/handlers feature a system that outlines what they can and can't do, what will happen if they don't listen, and what they will get if they follow them. Below I will list some examples.

Rules: eat 2+ meals a day, drink 2+ cups of water a day, no cursing, ask permission before going somewhere without caregiver, dont backtalk or throw tantrums, etc.
Rules are used to get littles and pets to behave and take care of themselves.

Punishments: spankings, time out, writing lines, take away something they like, less time for activity they like, early bedtime, etc.
Punishments are used by caregivers to enforce the rules that they set up.

Rewards: later bedtime, a day out for activities, new stuffies, treats, stickers, etc.
Rewards are used by caregivers to reward good behavior from their little or pet.

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