02 [Ningning Palace Haunted Event]

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  Lian Che didn't talk, but he grabbed the corner of Xiaodouxi's clothes and shouted like Zier. He couldn't do it. He was so embarrassed that he had to grab xiao douxi to find a sense of security. Xiao douxi was also sitting next to Lian Che, so avoid being afraid of each other!

Lan  Qin Yu smiled twice. "Yes, when the scholar read the book in the middle of the night, he suddenly heard the sound of dripping, ticking, and there was no rain outside. How could there be water? If you are in your heart, you can't go out and confirm what is going on. You have to ignore the voice and continue to read the book hard.

"That... dripping water, it won't be..." Zi er said quietly.

Lan Qin Yu did not answer, continue to say: "Do not worry, continue to listen down, after a while, the sound of dripping is gone, the scholars think it is their own illusion, and then settle down to study. But!"

  Qin Yu magnified the sound of 'but', then paused. "Not long after, the dripping sound appeared again, and... the sound is clearer, closer, like... the sound of the water is getting closer The same room as the scholar, 'Tick, ticking!' getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer, the sound has reached the door! The scholar's forehead oozes cold sweat, his hand is holding the book tightly, his eyes staring at the door. "


Everyone held their breath at this moment, the room was extraordinarily quiet, and suddenly a subtle sound came from the door, scared and shivered!

"Sister, sister, just..." Lian Che Che did not dare to speak too loudly, trembled with a very slight voice.

Zi er's eyes are full of tears, legs ... legs numb, want to run can not run, just certainly did not hear the mistake, is the door is opened! Six of His Royal Highness have heard it! Hey!

  Qin Yu laughed that they were too fussed. "Stupid, you forgot that I just opened a gap in order to create an effect? It was blown by the wind! Even if there are any ghosts , they dare not come. We are so many , the yang is very good!"

One two three four... plus she has so many five people!

  Xiu er was still somewhat calm, and the mind can still turn, and the language in the words of Qin Yu is revealed.(??)

"But there are three women here, women are yin, and... Xiao douxi is an eunuch, and there shouldn't be much yang. In fact, there is only one in the room who is yang."

Several people, including Qin Yu, were also white-faced by the words of Xiu er. However, the brain of Lan Qin Yu turned at this time faster than usual, and filled in a stroke.

"Xiao Lian Che is only 16 years old, yang is not enough to see yeah..."

Xiaodouxi is really anxious this time. "Then, that voice just now... it won't be really... ah!"

When it stopped behind her, Xiaodoxi suddenly squinted at the cold and stared at the back of the Lan Qin Yu, and then looked up and confused, not looking good! Another guy who doesn't talk and blinks, and scares Qin Yu!

In the end... In the end, what happened behind her...

Isn't it... there is nothing wrong with it, no! I'm going to die!

  Xiu er and Zier also noticed the abnormality of the two people. They dared to look back and looked at the four people, starting the big bells, and staring at their backs, not saying a word, face But it began to see out the intense sweat!

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