The Epilogue

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Two Years Later

"You look stunning," Nathan whispered to me from across the aisle.

"Shh," I responded but a blush still formed on my cheeks. "We have to listen or else we won't know what to do tomorrow."

Nathan waved his hand in dismissal. "I could do this in my sleep."

I rolled my eyes and was about to respond but Darian cut in, looking rather annoyed. "Okay, yes you could do this in your sleep and yes, Audrey, you look stunning even though you're only wearing leggings and a hoodie but I'm get married in less than twenty four hours and I am freaking out so would you two shut up?!"

Nathan and I exchanged a look and only nodded lamely back at Darian in response, meanwhile Justin was clearly trying to hold in his laughter by putting his hand to his mouth and the priest just looked completely lost.

We got back on track with how the ceremony was supposed to go and I could Darian was visibly relaxing as he was gaining all the information he needed to know for tomorrow in order for everything to go perfectly. Nathan still tried to steal the occasional glance at me and make some sort of comment but I quickly and quietly would get him to stop before Darian would notice. Samara was behind us but she looked almost as focused as Darian did - as if she'd end anyone who would get in the way of the wedding.

Soon, the rehearsal was done and we could finally get to the dinner. As we walked out of the church Darian clapped his hands. "Well, that was fun. I could definitely eat."


If we thought Darian was an anxious mess yesterday, he was a million times worse today. First he had a mental breakdown because he couldn't find his tux, forgetting that I kept it in mine and Nathan's room because Darian kept trying it on and had a close encounter with Justin's hair dye. Probably wasn't Darian's smartest idea to try on his tux when Justin was dying his hair. Then, he started to panic because he thought I didn't have my maid of honor dress that his mother specially picked out for me. After reassuring him that I had both the dress and the tux, Darian stopped panicking and started to actually get excited about the wedding rather than stressed. 

We were in the changing room, getting ready and Darian was babbling non-stop. "I can't wait to marry Justin, it's crazy how far we've come, you know? He makes me the happiest guy on the planet, I swear he does."

I helped Darian put on his tux jacket and nodded my head sweetly. "I know, Dar. I'm glad you are so happy with him, you deserve a lifetime of happiness."

Darian stared at my reflection in the mirror and smiled. "You do too Audrey, especially with my brother," he added with a wink.

I laughed and patted my friend on the shoulders. "The time will come, when the time will come."

Darian turned around and looked at me up and down, inspecting the dress I was wearing. It was a light blue chiffon dress with a v-neckline. It was beautiful and I could tell Darian's mother put a lot of thought in both the dress and the wedding preparation. "You look beautiful, Nathan is lucky to have you." 

I smiled back brightly at him, "Thank you. Now, it's time to get this show on the road!"

Samara came in with our bouquets and a beaming smile. "The boys look amazing! Nathan cleans up nicely, I have to say Audrey. And Justin looks-"

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