STAWP: Original, Unedited First Chapter

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I just dug up the original Chapter 1 of Sold to a Wolf Pack!

To celebrate 7 million reads, here is my raw, uncut, unedited STAWP footage, and can I just say it's absolutely terrible? This is the first time I'm sharing it with anyone (instead of shamefully hiding it in my junk folder). 

WARNING: it's bad, there's swearing, Saf goes to get beer, some other stuff happens, and there are a lot of rants! 

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Chapter 1

I sit on my bed cross-legged, listening to the shouts coming from downstairs.

One of the voices is my dad's and the other belongs to a man I'm sure I've never met before. With my enhanced sense of smell, I catch a whiff of his scent, and it tells me two things. Stranger and werewolf.

With my sharp wolf hearing, I easily catch every word they're saying.

"If I don't have my fucking money by the time I count to five, I will tear out your fucking throat," the man yells, and I think he probably means that literally.

A better daughter might run downstairs to protect her dad, but I don't budge from my spot on the bed. I'm not paralyzed by fear or anything. I just don't want to help. My dad and I aren't close and he doesn't really give a damn about me, so I figure he can go ahead and get himself out of this mess without my help.

Except that a second later, my dad yells my name so loud that the walls shake.

"Sophie! Get down here this minute!"

I'm used to dad's yelling, so it doesn't surprise me me, and like I said, I really don't want to get mixed up in dad's mess. Still, I jump off the bed and immediately run downstairs. While I still have no desire to help dad, I know that if I ever take too long to do what dad says, there are always consequences.

I don't mean that he's really horrible or abusive or anything. It's not like he tortures me or starves me or anything. Sure, he hits me if he's mad, or drunk, or if I annoy him, but I'm a werewolf so I have a high pain threshold. Usually, I barely feel his shoves and punches, and if there are bruises or cuts, I heal very quickly. Within minutes, actually.

No, the problem is that dad doesn't give a shit about my life. He doesn't care if I've made promises to my friends, if I have homework or tests to study for, or if I am tired and need sleep. Nope, he only cares about himself. So I figure that if I rush to do his bidding and just get it over with, he gets what he wants, and he leaves me alone and forgets I exist. Which means that I can go and enjoy my freedom, until he needs something else that is.

Don't get me wrong. I've tried standing up to dad, yelling, or just flat out saying "no", but that always just makes things worse. Most of the time, I still end up doing what he wants, and I get punished for refusing in the first place.

Like last year, during final exams. It was Sunday night, and I was cramming for biology. Dad had been on my case all week, sending me out to run errands and making me take on extra shifts at the diner because he was short on cash, so I was really behind. I was also dozing off, so I decided to go down to the kitchen and make myself some coffee.

I tiptoed down the stairs and through the living room, hoping that the TV show dad was watching would drown out my footsteps, but dad heard me anyways. Or smelled me, more likely. Wolf senses and all that.

"Where do you think you're going, Sophie?" he asked, not even turning away from the screen to look at me.

"I'm getting a drink," I replied, keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe he'd leave me alone this time.

"Go get me beer," dad ordered, still not turning around. "We're all out."

This was bad. Really bad. Usually, dad keeps his beer well-stocked, but sometimes he runs out and sends me to get more. I'm 16, so obviously I can't just go to a store and buy beer. Even if I could get a fake ID, I look way too young to pass for 19. Plus, it's a small town, and the guy who works at the liquor store knows me. When I pointed all this out to my dad, he got all worked up and punched me around for a bit, then locked me in my room. The next day, he didn't let me out until late afternoon, so I ended up missing school. Dad just laughed and wrote me a note.

The next time he asked for beer, I had a paper due the next day. I knew dad wouldn't give a damn about that, and I didn't want to risk being trapped in my room and missing school like last time, so I went to the store. After grabbing some cash from the jar in the kitchen, I walked into town, and then stood around the corner from the liquor store. Obviously I couldn't just go in, but I was hoping that maybe I could get someone else to do it for me.

After about half an hour, I was feeling panicky and depressed. I thought about going home, grabbing my paper, and staying somewhere else for the night. Except I would have to go back home eventually, and dad would be pissed. I was still deciding what to do when some college boys rounded the corner. They looked kind of sketchy, you know tattoos, piercings, the works, but I could tell by their scent that they were human. I knew they couldn't really hurt me or outrun me, I mean I was way stronger and faster, so I didn't have to worry about my safety. What I was worried about was them saying no. I intercepted them, keeping my fingers crossed, and asked them to buy me the beer. I even offered to throw in an extra twenty, I was that desperate. The guys started at me, trying to look all tough, but then one of them shrugged and went back to the store. No biggie.

So, based on past experience, I was hoping to get the beer and make it home with plenty of time to finish studying for next morning's exam. In fact, the fresh air might be good for me after being cooped up inside all weekend. Except that when I did get home with the beer, dad got a craving for fresh meat and sent me out to hunt up a rabbit.

Our backyard opens out onto the forest that's on the outskirts of town, and it's miles away from other wolves or humans, so I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing me when I rushed out the back door and shifted. It was already eleven o'clock at night, but I was still hoping that if I worked fast I could be ready for my exam.

I ran into the forest, sniffing the ground as I went. Different scents flooded me, and I sorted through all the information until, bingo, rabbits. I turned east and quietly moved forward, feeling the rabbit scent get stronger and stronger until I was meters away from my pray. I stilled, blending with the forest, and then crouched, ready to pounce.

Ten minutes later, I was back at the house with a rabbit between my teeth. I dropped it on the porch, shifted, and got dressed. I then headed into the kitchen, skinned the rabbit, and made dad some stew. Since I'm the one who cooks all our meals, I knew this recipe by heart. Since we have a pressure cooker, which is this really cool pot that cooks food really fast, I had the food ready in under an hour. Plus, I brought down my textbook while the stew was cooking, so I managed to get in about thirty minutes of studying.

Except that after he ate, dad had a craving for apple pie. Freshly baked apple pie. I tried to tell him about my exam, but he wouldn't listen, getting angrier by the second. I didn't really mind the getting slapped part, although this time it kind of hurt, but I couldn't risk being locked in my room and missing the exam. Plus, dad was eying my textbook, which I had left on the kitchen table, and I was worried he might rip it to shreds. I wanted to cry, I was so frustrated, but after years of practice, I pushed aside my feelings and did what had to be done. I told dad I'd make the pie and he went back to watching TV. When I was done, it was almost three and I had to be up at seven the next morning. Obviously, I could barely keep my eyes open during the exam. Thank you dad. Then again, at least I didn't miss it and get a zero.

You get my point, right? Why argue when you have no choice. Better to do what you're told and stay out of trouble.

So today, when I heard dad shout my name and demand that I come downstairs, I rushed to do his bidding immediately. My plan was simple. Keep quiet and respectful, agree with everything dad says, and do whatever he wants as quickly as possible. Oh, and try to avoid getting killed by one very pissed off werewolf.

  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

So yeah, this was how I originally started Sold to a Wolf Pack!

What'd you think?

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