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There are many many different communities in the magical world of little, pets, and their caregivers/handlers. But you may be wondering, where do I belong? Let's see shall we! Lets start with the 100% Safe communities! Not everyone wants a community, and that's ok! (Please keep in mind these are just the basics!)

Agere- Age Regression
Cglre- Caregiver/Little Regression
Petre- Pet Regression
The above listed communities are 100% safe for everyone, including minors. These people do not sexualize being a little or pet at all!

DDLG/DDLB/MDLG/MDLB/CGL- Daddy Dom Little Girl/ Daddy Dom Little Boy/ Mommy Dom Little Girl/ Mommy Dom Little Boy/ Caregiver Little
ABDL- Adult Baby Diaper Lover
These communities are 100% not safe for minors! These are kink communities! They involve a power exchange between the people involved. Many times people sexualize being little, a pet, or a caregiver so they join these communities. That isn't always the case, but many times it is.
DISCLAIMER: People in these or other kink communities related to it ARE NOT pedophiles. They are also NOT into beastiality.

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