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There are multiple headspaces involved with these communities. But what are they?

What is littlespace? Littlespace is what littles call their regressed state. It is when they little and feel the need to be cared for by a caregiver. They will often have a little age or age range. Depending on their little age, they will enjoy many different activities. For example, a baby could like playing with rattles while a toddler could prefer coloring.
What is petspace?: petspace is what pets call their state of mind while they are being a pet. They will often feel the need to be cared for and given affection. They can have a variety of ages and age ranges. Their age could determine what activities they like to do while in petspace. For example a puppy could like to chew on toys while an older dog could like to nap and cuddle all day.
What is caregiverspace?: caregiverspace is how caregivers or handlers define their mindset while they are caring for a little or pet. They feel an intense urge to care for them and to protect them. They often baby their little or pet. They shower them in affection and will spoil their little or pet.

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