Chapter-48 "Fight - 4"

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All the guards were already standing near the pantry exit. The carriage was ready for us and all we had to do was to get the hell out of that palace.

I know I may have sounded a little cranky but I was exhausted as hell and literally had no idea what was to be done next. All I knew was that I had leo by my side, to make all the decisions. So it was okay for me to be a lil irresponsible right?

"so, leo what's the plan" I asked him
"umm no idea" he said

Okay. We were effed. 

I tried not to panic and said
"what do you mean by that?"

"don't worry, for now our main focus is to get out of here as soon as we can and then we'll get all the guards to their houses, does that sound like a plan to you?"
leo said in the most calm way he could. I mean it's hard to keep up with such an irritating person like me in time of such crisis.

"sounds good" I replied
And then it clicked me

"wait.. If we're going to drop them to their houses, does that mean we're going to the human kingdom?" I asked

"well, kind of yeah" leo said

Oh. My. Freaking. God.

"real..."  before I could even finish my sentence the carriage left the pantry gate and finally we were out of the palace.

I suddenly felt a sense of déjà vu. Just a few days back I escaped from leo and this palace just to come back here and do it all over again. Hah, life is funny.

This time the carriage was quite bigger than the last time and it was a little congested in there,well actually quite congested but it wasn't a time to whine about it so I thought it was better to keep my mouth shut.

The guards were literally sitting on top of each other and man do they looked funny, It was so hard not to laugh. Leo was sitting next to me and out bodies were practically crushed against each others and it got a little awkward too.

But being the hopeless romantic I am I was gawking at how perfect leo looked even under stress. My hormones were literally going gaga. I realized that I get turned on at the most inappropriate time.
His body heat was intoxicating me and I was loosing my senses, I'll have to admit that I was very much turned on.

Focus lisa, you're loosing track

Yeah, I was going way off-track. I'm pretty sure leo must be worried and I'm here acting so immature.


Oh god, I could barely breathe in this carriage.
But sitting next to the most beautiful girl I've ever seen was all the oxygen I  needed.

A little cheesy there, fella.

Yeah right, my mind was completely going off-track. I guess Lisa was playing her magic on me.

Annalisa, you're going to be the death of me.

My subconscious self can get a little annoying sometimes.

This was weird for me, because I've always been the most focused guy in the whole group but now, I just can't get my eyes off of lisa.

Even though she was not caked up in makeup or wearing any sort of stunning dress but something about her caught my eyes everytime I glanced at her.

You know, the weird feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're like really nervous around someone?
I was so experiencing that right now.

Hopefully lisa didn't noticed it.


And she looked so cute when asking all those questions, although I got a lil irritated at first but when I looked at her smile, it didn't matter.

Woah woah woah,look at me being all cheesy and romantic while I'm pretty sure lisa must be worried about this whole situation

You need help, leo

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