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COUPLE: Namseok/Side:2Seok



WARNINGS: rape (for your information: I love Namjoon dearly uwu)

NOTE: I'm officially back y'all~ Sorry for the long wait and possibly disappointing you :(



It was an ordinary night full of snow as Hoseok attentively made his way to the nearby night shop. His eyes shone beautifully due to the moon reflecting on his deer-like eyes. The sky was unusually loaded with shining stars. He was  enjoying himself as he witnessed the little snowflakes giving him a show by decorating the surface as he walked on the pure white snow cover that effortlessly laid on the pathways. He believed that it was reward dedicated to him by allowing him to be the first one to create little footsteps as he walked in a slow tempo.

The serene environment automatically calming him down. Especially his struggles as well as the emotional distress he went through, all forgotten. The thoughts itself relieved him from the stress that had been clouding his mind for awhile now. Hoseok inhaled and exhaled the cold yet fresh air, creating little clouds. He just loved winter. I mean, who wouldn't? It was the best season of the year, after all.

He kept walking, totally not letting his thoughts wander to all those recently missing cases of young adults that continuously popped on the Television.

Fortunately, he was quite familiar with the inhabitants and paths. So he did not really worry that much. Besides, if there was a possibility of him getting robbed or kidnapped, he would totally blame his careless mother for it. She was the one that had 'kindly' requested him to get some cursed cigarettes after all. Knowing her and her smoke addiction, he had no say nor another choice but to obey and hurry his way downtown.

Internally hoping that the closest store hadn't closed yet. He was not in the mood to come home with bare hands and get a mouthful of complaining. Not today. He was used to being humiliated and degraded anyways but still. How much he disliked her and her behaviour. Especially her way of thinking. She was so predictable yet totally not. He didn't know how to put it in words but you get the point. She could be his mother, but she didn't act like one. That's why he came to dislike her so much.

His thoughts came to an end as he finally reached a shop. He looked at it's name and read 'Gibap paradise'. Okay, he may or may not have laughed a little. Fortunately, it was still open so he hopped inside and went directly to the cashier and politely asked him for a packet of cigarettes. "Goodnight sir, can I get a package of Marlboro Gold, please". The cashier boy, who looked surprisingly young, scanned the boy up and down with sharp and narrowed eyes before sighing. "Can I see your ID" he spoke tiredly. His head casually resting on the palm of his hand. Showing off that he was either not in the mood to talk to someone or overly tired. But he had to admit, he was kinda hot.

Hoseok cursed under his breath, totally forgotten to bring his fake ID since he was still underage. He wiggled uncomfortably on his spot as he looked up nervously. His eyes catching sight of the name card on the boy's jacket. 'Min Yoongi' he read. "I kind of forgot you needed an ID to buy cigarettes, my bad. But I can assure you that I'm off age" he lied. Hoping that the boy in front of him would believe his poor attempt at lying.

Yoongi glowered at him "No ID, no cigarettes." He simply yet harshly stated. Hoseok was not in the mood to get a beating just because this annoying boy didn't want to hand him his cigarettes. "Look, Min Yoongi was it? I'm in a hurry and I really don't want to make a whole fuss out of this, so be a good little boy and kindly hand me some damn cigarettes." He pestered him. Yoongi on the other hand had an angry expression plastered on his admittedly handsome face, scowling at him as Hoseok talked so impolitely to him.

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