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1 month later......
Me, Lauren, Dinah and Jessica were out shopping for prom, I didn't want Camila to come cause I wanted to surprise her with a sexy dress, plus she wanted to look online.All of them had picked out their dresses Lauren was wearing pink, Dinah was wearing white, and Jessica was wearing purple, and I was the only one left.I took so long cause I wanted the dress to be PERFECT and I'm really picky.I was going with Camila and Justin and Jessica were going together I fricking knew it!
Everyone was happy with who they were going with and the rest of the gang were going as a group of friends, but I was stressed about my dress.

"Guys I'm stressing out again!" I exclaimed while breathing heavily." Y/N relax babe!We've got this store left to look through and if you don't find it we can order one online, we've still got a few days," Jessica gave me a hug rubbing my back to comfort me, while we were heading into another dress shop."Thanks Jess!" I said while kissing her forhead.

After searching for a good hour I finally found a dress." Alright guys I'm gonna try this on, hopefully it fits and looks good!" I quickly shouted while going in the fitting rooms.

"Alright guys what do you think?" "DAMN" They all shouted." Fucking hell, ooo you look so fine!" Everyone started shouting and making wolf howls.I started laughing " That's the one Y/N!" Lauren stated." Let's pay for this and get the hell out of here!" I exclaimed.

We were at a Chinese place getting lunch" I don't think I told you guys this but I threatened Shawn the other day when we were playing truth or dare" I exclaimed, they all looked at me wide eyes and mouths open " YOU WHAT!" Jessica shouted which drew some attention to us "What?! I was pissed off with him looking at my girl so I grabbed by his shirt and pushed him against the wall.....twice," I replied with no expression " Yo nice Y/N!" Dinah exclaimed gaining a high five from me."Y/N you do realise that if he tells Camila, she'll be super pissed?Plus I thought I heard something go bang!" Lauren stated. "Well Yeh but I know he won't, I threatened him not to...again, plus mad Camila is sexy!" I bit my lip while thinking of mad Camila, her vein starts to stick out her neck, and she clenches her jaw, I can see the anger in her eyes, ooo when she starts breathing heavily trying to calm down, and she clenched her fists. "Hello earth to Y/N!" Dinah said clicking her fingers in my face "stop thinking about dirty things to do with Mila!" I smirked at Dinah,"how'd you know?" I joked " you dirty bastard!" Dinah said while all of us started laughing together.

Camila's POV
I was sitting on my laptop at home, searching the net for my prom dress. One things led to another and I could imagine Y/N wearing a red dress that hugged her curves perfectly, her hair would be curly, gosh i love when her hair is curly, it would creep over her shoulders, her heels would click on the floor while everyone would be drooling over her, her smile would light up the room, and her red lips waiting for me.Her hips waiting for me to hold them and her arms ready to hold me.i crossed my legs and lightly giggled to myself.After a good two hours of procrastinating and searching the net for a dress I finally found one.
Thank fuck for that!

Zayn's POV
I was with Justin and Kevin looking for our suits, I didn't invite Shawn cause he's not part of us plus he's trying to take Camila away from Y/N,might just start a fight with him if he pushes it. I was trying mine on in the fitting rooms,eh should be good enough. I walked out the room to show the lads "Yesss bro!" Justin and Kevin shouted "Asian James bond Yeh!" They started making animal noises, I started laughing and rolling me eyes, I've only known these guys a few months and they're family to me.

A Few days later...

To My Cuban Goddess❤: Hey babe, today's finally the day I can't wait to see you in your sexy dress! I'm catching a lift with Zayn and I'll meet you in main hall xx love you.

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