Chapter 1

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Hayden POV

Today I was going be featured in Kadee and I new song Love You Hate You. Kadee and I have been best friends for years because we're both signed to Majesty Records our mothers were best friends and we both of our mothers died when we were young in a car accident and every since then our dad's been kinda distant not listening to us wanting to be our own artist

We were practicing Hate You Love You and these outfits are terrible I didn't even want to sing this but my dad think it's best then the track started skipping when we stopped

"Cut, cut! What's wrong with playback?" The director asked Shawn as I saw him pushing buttons

"Working on it, boss. I don't know, this computer had a panic attack or something Just give me a minute." Shawn told the director as he mumbled something under his breath

"Everyone take 10" The Director yelled at us as Kadee dog Trumpet ran to her and my dog Cujo ran to me

"Cujo!" I yelled as I was scratching behind his ears picking him up

"Get that dog off of my couture! Why can't you both have a purse-sized dog Like all of the other stars? And Why is Your dog named after a killer dog why can't his name be "Rex" or son This horse dog doesn't fit your images" Irma yelled at us as Cujo jumped down off me

"Trumpet and Cujo don't care about our image. They love the real us and we love them" I told Irma as I scratched his ears

"Isn't that right, boy? Isn't that right Should i rub your belly? Should i rub our miss' belly?" Kadee said the in a baby voice scratching Trumpet

"No one touches my belly." Irma told us as I rolled my eyes this is the one thing I could have that's not in my contract I can't eat junk food, I can't sing the way I want, I can't dress the way I want, I can't even sing the way I want this is torture I just wish people can see "Hades" not Hayden Chase

We were sitting down drinking water waiting on Shawn to finish whatever he's doing as I shifted in my outfit it's really uncomfortable but my daddy thinks it's best

"I can barely move in this outift." I told Sammi as Irma was fixing my dress as Kadee nodded

"You both look amazing." Sammi told us as Kadee and I both smiled at her

"It's the latest design by GG le Tron." Irma told us as I rolled my eyes

"What about GG le Normal? GG le Clothing Wearable by Human?" Kadee asked Irma as I continued

"Can't we put any outfits from anyone like that?" I asked her as I heard a voice

"There's my girl." I heard Mr. Worth say as Kadee ran up to him and I saw my dad on the phone as I ran to hug him but he stopped me

"No I said 2 I can't do 3 we'll make adjustments" Dad told whoever he was talking to then hung up as I opened my arms and gave him a hug

"Hayden Kadee, MTV!" I heard a woman say from MTV I looked at him

"I didn't think you'd make it." I told him he's been busier than ever at work lately

"No hugging, it'll wrinkle!" Irma yelled at our dads

"I think they'd survive a wrinkle or two.Come here." Mr. Worth told Irma as her expression changed

"That's what i'm going to say. Go for it. You only live once." Irma said she kinda has the crush on Mr. Worth it gets awkward sometimes

"The biggest stars of Majesty Records, and i remember when they was singing and dancing in diapers." Dad told the camera as we turned around and smiled although mine was forced

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