Ready To Move On

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   *Hello anyone who's reading this! Thank you for taking the time to read this fanfiction. as it is my first. Also please ignore the weird fonts that don't match at all. I have to copy and paste it from my other blog where I wrote this to begin with*

Two years. It had been five years since John witnessed Sherlock's suicide.Two  horrible, lonely, dreadful years. During those years, John wasn't the same. He ate less, had very little sleep, never spoke unless he had to, and he shut everyone he knew out of his mind. He stayed in his room most of the time. He moved out of 221B to get his mind cleared and straightened out. He now lived in his old flat.  Alone.

    During the first two years after Sherlock had died, John's leg injury began to bother and pick at him with he went back to using his cane. He would never smile and laugh like he used to. He never tried to date anyone again and he didn't want to. Yes, there were many lovely women out there he could get to know, but he didn't want to get to know anyone anymore. John asked Sherlock for one more miracle. He begged him not to be dead. And he hoped his wish would come true.

                                                                 -  -  -

    It was the middle of winter in London when John decided to walk to the nearest cafe on his street to think whether to move on after five years or keep hoping for an impossible miracle to occur. As John walked to the cafe, he thought about all the thing he and Sherlock had been through. He thought about the first time Sherlock had deduced John. He thought about their first case. He thought about their first encounter with Moriarty. He thought about when Sherlock jumped off the rooftop of St. Barts Hospital. As he walked towards the cafe, John felt someone following him. John turned around to see if anyone was there, but there was no one in sight. He turned back around and kept walking. Again he heard footsteps coming up behind him, and again John turned back around to find no one. John began to walk faster, and the footsteps also quickened their pace. Soon, John began to run to the cafe, but it seemed to get further with every step. The footsteps ran behind him. John reached a street but it was too crowded to run through so he ran into an alley in hope no one followed him. He was wrong.

    The alley John decided to run into was too dark to see anything. John squinted in hope to get his eyes focused to the dark. As John's eyes adjusted, he saw a figure standing in front of him with the most psychopathic smile on his face. John's heart raced with fear as he heard the figure pull out a knife, he couldn't move. All his limbs gave up on moving. He saw the knife go up into the air as he shut his eyes close. Then he heard a loud thud and struggles. John quickly opened his eyes to see the man who was about to murder him, pinned to the wall by a tall slender figure.  The alley was too dark to see who had just saved him. The tall figure punched the other man before letting him go as the man who almost killed John ran out the alley screaming with the most horrified face. John watched him run away and turned back to look at the man who had saved him. "Uh...thank you..." John said as he began to approach the man. He could barely see his face,which was also covered by a hood. Before John could finally reach the man, he disappeared into the shadows of the alley. John looked around, but there wasn't anyone there. He walked out of the alley and ran to the cafe.

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