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15 years into the future

Hayden POV

I was braiding my 5 year old daughter Skai's hair as I was humming a song as I finished braiding she stood up and she looked at me

"Mommy" she asked me as I hummed in response

"How did you and daddy meet" she asked me as I smiled at her and went go grab the book I published titled "Rags" as she crawled next to me as I opened the book

"New York city Not a land far far away..
But still one of the most magical cities in the world. Its streets buzzing with people and Buildings that seem to go on forever. It's a kind of place where fairytales seem to be possible No matter who you are. This isn't one of your typical Cinderella story There are no pumpkin, no mice No Cinderella. Or at least not the one you're used to. Meet Hayden She was young when she lost her mom. Leaving her with father who barley paid attention to her as Hayden was signed to Majesty Records but she was miserable I read from the book as Skai stopped me

"Mommy you didn't like being famous" she asked me as I shook my head

"No being famous was heard they always told you what to do and how to do it it was torture" I told her as I picked up the book and continued reading

"Now meet Charlie his mom died when he was little leaving with his horrible stepfather and stepbrothers well Lloyd wasn't so bad but now Charlie stucks cleaning the place his mom once owned.
Wait, wait. Before we lay our fairytale play out, you should know Charlie has a talent. A real gift from music. Yo, come out! And this is where i come in. Like i said This is a fairytale with a twist. I'm no fairy godmother.But Charlie has a dream. And all he needs is someone to hear him. And open a door." I read the prologue and flip the page to where the story officially started


A/N: More pictures up top I just finished watching Rags and I forgot how much I loved the movie and there aren't very many Rags of stories

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