Chapter one

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The story stars with a woman wearing her clothes. She checked the window just to see the the sun shining as bright as possible.

No one would say that it was heavy raining last night. But yet it seems to be so silent as if nothing had happened.

She closed the door n left to her work place...

She was walking her way when a few guys looked at her.

A man to his friends. "Dehka tum logone phele Masjid, Mandir aur Girjaa haar jaaga gayi aur akhir main kotha? Yeh kiya chakar hai?"

{u saw that first she went to a mosque, temple n Church everywhere n then at last she went into a brothel? What's going on?}.

Another one shook his head. "Arrey leave she must be a new girl!". They all looked at her. She was covered not a single view of her body was visible.

The police come to check on them. "Oh u loafers were is ur boss? I'm sure he was it last night who runaway after killing that man!".

The five stood up. "Our boss has better things to do before killing anyone! Besides we haven't seen him for a long time. Have u done something? Where is he?".  They questioned the inspector.

The inspector looked at them with anger. "Who knows where he is but I'm sure one day I will get him. No one will save him from me!". He left with his Constables.

But he looked at the new girl once. Even I will come again to see u!.

The day was turning into an evening but the friends were still waiting n sitting at the same spot. Just then the girl of the morning come down. Her body face was visible for everyone...

One of the friends stood up. "Oh ruhk kahan jarahi hai? Zara apna naam to batade?".
{hey stop where r u going? Tell me ur name first?}.

She looked at them with anger in her eyes.

The man fumes by her attitude. "Ankh dehkati hai!". {r u trying to show ur attitude}. He took out his gun n pointed it on the girls forehead.

She wasn't scared at all n now even the one come they were waiting for. He hold the gun in his hand.

The friend smiled looking at him. "I was just joking! I know never aim a gun on a kid or woman!". He put the gun away n he turns to her.

He moves with his head

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He moves with his head. "Go from here!".

She nods and leaves the place n walking home. Just then the inspector come again. "Hold on!". She looked at him as he police stick was on her neck. "Where r u going? Home? I will drop u!".
She removes his stick. "Y? I can walk at my own!". They all were looking at them.

The inspector come closer. "Haan u might be able to walk now. But I want to come to ur place to make u unable to walk till the next morning!". He was giving her the dirtiest look he had n the lust filled.

The one who just saved her looked at his friends. "Tawaif hai. Naach thi hai. Ghaati hai apna jism bheech thi hai". {She is a whore. She dances, sings n she sells her body too}.

He looked at them all but then he stood up n walk to the inspector. But he didn't needed to say anything. "If u want me then come tomorrow to the brothel there!". She points to the whorehouse. "I'm not free the nights!". She moves his stick away n vanished from there.

The inspector looked at her n the constables were suppressing their laughs. "U all shut up!". He turns n saw the one. "Suraj finally u come where were u the last night?". He smirks. "Y u were missing me that much that u couldn't sleep without me?". The inspector fumes. "Shut up!". Suraj smiles. "Even the whore doesn't want u....!". Suraj places his hand on his shoulder n shook his head. "Poor u...!".

The inspector pushes him away. "One day u will make a mistake then I will be here with handcuffs ready to arrest u!". He warns him n left from there.

He left from there to his friends. His friends were questioning him where he was the whole night. He was listening to them sit silently not answering but remembering the yesterday night incident.

It was dark n raining heavily he was running from the police sirens again... he was holding a knife in his hand with a width blade. He was looking for a shelter but all the doors were close.

Where to go?

He remembers that one of the houses is empty. He didn't waited long n entered the cottage.

A sound of a thunder appears n he closed the door behind him. Just then she comes out just covered in a towel around her body n one on her wet hairs.

She saw him n his blood soaked clothes. She then heard the sirens. She took the towel of her head n took his knife from his hand n covered in it

From outside she heard some noises which were voices. A mere of voices.

"Did u saw him?"

"He must be here somewhere?".

"He was wearing a red jacket!".

She looked at him but he was lost. She removes the jacket n hide it with the knife under a floorboard which was moveable.

She took him n places him on the bed... she sat on him removing his n her clothes.

He couldn't do anything as she was doing everything...

Then someone enters the house. She was sitting on him her bare back was visible for the world.

The inspector come in. "Oh u r the new whore! Have u seen a man running from the law?".

She moans... aaahhh

"Dehkai nahi dehraha hai. Hum kam karrahe hai hain. Grahak aayen hain!".

{can't u see. I'm doing my work. A customer has come!"}.

He took the duvet n covered her from the back n lies over her. Seeing this the inspector left....

The next morning he woke up. Alone...


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