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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Ten

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I tried to remember every detail from yesterday. How we sat on a blanket, talking about ourselves, about our lives, how his hand felt, touching mine the slightest bit; how his lips felt to my forehead.

A little cracked, but still soft and warm. I felt my hands tremble when I first noticed the touch. I held his body in my arms, and he held mine in his. My eyes were closed, and we broke after what could have either been eternities, or fractions of a second. We walked further into the woods, I felt surprisingly relaxed. After about 10 minutes, we arrived at a more open spot, it kind of looked like a heath. Tyler pulled a blanket and threw it open on the floor. He wiped a spot clean, so I could sit there. I sat down and he grabbed the tacos he had also bought out of the bag. We both ate, even though I wasn’t very hungry. I guess that was caused by my nerves. I looked at Tyler, he was wearing his sunglasses again, since we were in kind of an open spot right now. I put mine on too and he complimented me on my outfit. “You look cute.” That was what he said, while wearing a sort of smirk on his face. I blushed and softly said “thank you.” In a weird kind of high-pitched voice. “I like your sunglasses.” I added, sounding slightly more normal.

We finished our tacos and Tyler laid on his back and invited me to lay my head on his stomach. I really enjoyed the sound of that. I kind of semi-awkwardly laid back and rested my head on his stomach. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing pattern, that forced his belly to rise and fall every few seconds.

“I really enjoy this.” I said, breaking the silence. “Me too.” Tyler answered. “I really like this. I mean, I wish I knew something to talk about but this silence is kind of comforting in some way. Does that even make sense?” I stared up to the branches of the tree above us. “It does, actually. I feel the same way. But I know something to talk about.” I smiled at nothing in particular. “And what may that be?” Tyler asked. “Your band. Twenty One Pilots, right?” I felt Tyler move, he looked at me and smiled when I looked back. He put his sunglasses in his hair, but they fell of the moment I turned my head towards him. I rolled over to my stomach and took off my sunglasses to look him in the eyes. “Right. Twenty One Pilots, it’s the band of me and my friend Josh, and uhm, we like to create music. We don’t really know the rules to songwriting, so our music doesn’t really fit into a genre.” I nodded slightly. “Well, uhm can you show me something then?” Tyler grabbed his phone from his pocket. I saw a photo of him with another dark-haired boy. “This is Josh. His hair color varies from time to time, it’s bright purple now, but I have no idea how long that will last. He’s an amazing dude and he’s my best friend.” Tyler swiped to another photo. “This is the band logo, it seems kind of weird but that’s what our music is. You kind of have to create its definition for yourself. I guess that’s what’s important, what the music means to the people who listen to it. Let them know they aren’t alone. I wish I could let you hear something but I don’t have the audio on my phone.” I remained silent for a bit. “It’s okay, you can let me hear it another time if you like.” I thought about youtube for a second, but realized that maybe there was a reason he didn’t come up with that. “I guess your music is pretty deep then, I mean, with the logo and all that.” Tyler pressed his lips together and nodded. “I guess so. I just like to write my emotions out, it’s easier to deal with them in some way. It’s weird, but it works for me. Life can be pretty hard sometimes. But we just have to remember that it has a hopeful undertone too. And I like to remind myself to that. Even if I can’t see it at that certain moment.”

We got kind of lost in talking about music, and before we knew it, it was 6 pm. It wasn’t getting dark yet, but it was getting a little cold. We walked back through the trees and sat in the car. “I might actually have our album in the glove compartment. You can check if you want to.” Tyler said, his eyes trained on the road. I opened the glove box and looked inside. I only found a CD of the Dixie Chicks and the CD case of Bastille’s album. “Oh I love Bastille! I don’t think your album is in here though.” I said. “Oh, that’s my sister’s, the Bastille CD I mean, but yeah they’re pretty cool. I’ll show you our music when you’re at my place. Deal?” My stomach and brain and everything jumped up for a second. Second date, does this mean a second date? I hope it means a second date. “It’s a deal.” I said.


A while later we arrived at my house, I unlocked the door and asked Tyler if he wanted to come inside and perhaps eat something. He –unfortunately- wasn’t able to stay because he had a birthday party or something. He brought me to my door, to make sure I entered my house safely, which I found really cute, since any other boy I know would probably let me walk those last 30 feet by myself. We hugged each other and Tyler promised to text me either tomorrow or the day after. We said goodbye and I entered the house.

When I saw my face in the mirror, I noticed the smile on it, which had probably been there for a while. I shook my head and laughed at myself for being so… so… so like this. But I liked being like this. It felt great to feel some happiness.

I made myself dinner, a salad with extra croutons and fried potatoes. It tasted good, not very special, but good. I sent my mom a quick text to say everything was going well here. It was kind of quiet, so I turned on the music on my phone and went upstairs.

After a shower I entered my room again. I grabbed my laptop and threw myself on my bed. I saw the small dent in the wall and looked at my knuckles, they weren’t very sore anymore, and the bruise had gotten kind of yellow-ish. I was hoping my parents wouldn’t notice the dent, but if that’d happen, I’d make up some excuse to make it all okay. I opened google chrome and went on Netflix. I decided to watch a movie, so I clicked a random movie that seemed cool and watched it. Halfway through it I went downstairs to get myself some chips and ice tea. When I finished the movie, I checked the time. It was almost 11:30 and I realized how tired I was. I unlocked my phone and saw a text from Audrey. ”Heyy girl, do you wanna hang out with me, Zoe and the boys Saturday? My parents aren’t home so we can chill at my place.” I figured that maybe I could ask Tyler along, so I replied “Maybe J I’ll text you like, tomorrow or something.”  I read part of the texts I had gotten in the basketball group chat, but there were too many to really follow what they were talking about. I’d deal with that tomorrow. Just when I wanted to lock my phone and put it away, I felt it buzz in my hand. “I hope you had fun today. I sure did. Goodnight, Jenna.” Tyler. I smiled, and started typing. “haven’t had that much fun in months. It was great.” I wanted to ask him about next Saturday, but decided I was going to ask that another day. “Goodnight, Tyler.” I sent in another text. For some reason, I really liked that he said my name a lot, and that I was able to say his a lot.

After brushing my teeth I came back in my room and did a last check for texts. I got two from Tyler. ”Won’t be sleeping soon, I’m at this dudes place. But thank yøu Jenna, sleep well”  In the second text was a selfie of him and Josh. Or John. The guy with the purple hair. I think it was Josh. They both made a silly face, Tyler’s extremely cute. Josh seemed like a fun guy too. I replied with a smiley face and grabbed my laptop for another episode of Breaking Bad. I was actually too tired but I didn’t want to wake up at eight tomorrow. After an episode I closed my computer and closed my eyes, still thinking about the day that had passed. I fell asleep within 10 minutes, which was extremely fast for me.


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