Chapter 18: Yo

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"Can you pass the vegetables please?" Ming asks Knock.

He is the only one stuffing his face, totally ignoring the tension around the table.

We are currently at the Intochar's house having lunch. Only now there is two extra people. Well technically one, the other is standing by the door in a perfectly balanced stance.

After his ridiculous statement about being my father, Mr. Panitchayasawad asked to have a discussion with us. He in turn invited himself over. I am still flabbergasted beyond belief.

He can't be my father?! No one knows who he is... but still it couldn't be this guy. He was freaking the richest person in Thailand!!

There isn't a person in Thailand that hasn't heard of his engineering company. He had branches all over the world, and he had full control of everything regarding his business. Which could be risky for many. To have a sole proprietorship of such a large enterprise, but he managed to stay at the top rank for years. Hell... Forth's parents worked at one of his company's.

Knock hands Ming the vegetables right before Mr. Intochar speaks up. "Chakrii, are you absolutely positive Wayo is your son?" The Intochar's obviously is very familiar with him. Didn't surprise me in the least. They were both very wealthy. When we sprung this news to them they were both incredibly shocked.

"Yes, I am. I know this must come off as a shock to everyone." That's an understatement.

"How can this be?" Asks Mrs. Intochar.

"I guess I should explain it from the beginning... I met Wayo's mother back in my college days at a bar one night. Least to say we hit it off. We would meet up casually and go for drinks or dinner. Neither of us knew each other that well, and we were both perfectly fine with it. Most people that got close to me wanted to because of my families wealth. Eventually we started dating and having a more intimate relationship. I wanted to deepen our relationship. Until the night I found out that she was seeing other men. We fought that night...and she disappeared from my life. I never despised her and we were never that serious to begin with. We had only dated for a couple of months. All these years I never spared her a single thought."

He lets the gravity of his words sink in before continuing.

"I saw her a couple of months ago. She looked different and her hair was shorter but I could still recognize her. My curiosity got the best of me and I looked into her. I wanted to know what she had been up to all these years, so I investigated her a little. That's when I found out she had a son... a son whose age matches up with the time I was with her." He takes a moment to look at me with a warm smile. I am seated directly in front of him.

"Yes, but you said she was seeing other men. So how do you know for sure?" Knock speaks up and asks.

"Ahhh... THAT... Yes, I have my connections." He says with a sly smile creeping up on his face. "I took a DNA test and there is without a doubt. Wayo is my son." *sigh* "When I found out the results of the test... I wasn't sure how I should take the news. I didn't know who Wayo was, I didn't know how he was raised. If he would even want me in his life. That's when I had Korn here look into Wayo himself." He motions to the man standing in the back. "I trust him more than anyone else in my staff, so I assure you he would have never hurt you Wayo. I know you were scared earlier because he was following you. I asked him to do that for me. I wanted to know about you. What your life was like? Your friends?"

He looks me directly in the eyes with much compassion and guilt. "I was so angry with the information I found out. Not because I was disappointed in you Wayo, you were everything I could hope for ... and more. No! I was upset that I wasn't there when you were suffering, when you desperately needed a parent... I wasn't there. I was angry with your mother for not telling me about you. Even more so that she abandoned you. I know this is a lot to take in... but I hope you would give me a chance."

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