Awkward Conversation

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Your POV

"So... what do you want to talk about?" C/N asked. (Awkwardly might I add)

We were at my house, in my room chilling when it turned into that "what the hell do I say" atmosphere. Like why can't I think of anything to say. 

Cause you're socially awkward.

It's probably because C/N makes me nervous when he's around. But a good nervous. (Did you see how well I ignored the annoying voice in my head?)

"I had a dream the other day that I kissed you," C/N blurted out of nowhere.

The fuuuuuuuck? Why would he say that. You tryna' make this even more awkward??? How am I supposed to answer to that? Do I just smile and say, "oh I had a dream like that too!"  No because who says this shit out loud?

C/N. Who else dumbass? 

"Oh uhh... cool?" I said or more like questioned.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make things awkward I just kind of felt guilty about it," He admitted.

"Why do you feel guilty?"

"Because I kissed you without your permission."

*Mentally face-palms*

Oh my gosh, this dude is too freaking polite and cute.

I shook my head, "It's okay no need to feel guilty. It was just a dream, it didn't happen in real life."


"Do you want it to happen in real life?" I hear from outside of my bedroom.

"MOM StOP LisTEnINg tO mY ConVErSatIOnS!" I yelled back.

"Sorry honey!" She laughed as I heard her footsteps fade away.

"I want it to happen in real life," C/N whispered as he stared into my eyes.

"Me too," I smiled coming a bit closer to him, "But only in your dreams."

Okay I know you're probably like "But Y/N that was your chance to kiss him! Why are you turning him down?" Calm down I was just kidding, which wouldn't have mattered because he then said this.


And kissed me.

I'm not complaining but what the hell happened to be polite and asking for my permission? WHY ARE YOU KISSING ME WITHOUT LETTING ME COLLECT MYSELF AND PUT ON CHAP STICK!?! 

"Wow," I whispered when we pulled apart. 

I was in a whole other world.

"I know. You just had the best kiss of your life," he boasted.

"Well, I don't know about that. Wow, you just took my first kiss without my permission," I joked.


Okay, he seriously can't figure out when I'm joking...

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