Looks Good, Tastes Good (Part 1)

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"Explain to me why I have to go to this event of torture again!" Aeress demanded, even as her eyes were glued to the fantasy story unfolding on the screen of her phone. This one was steamier than her usual, though she didn't really have a usual when it came to reading.

She yelped when Shaya pinched her bottom. Her best friend succeeded in ignoring the deathly glare sent her way. Her newly worn pixie-cut gleamed under the looming yet enchanting night sky. "We are going to this event, because all you do is stay home all day and read!" Her mouth pouted, forming her red-painted lips into a heart. It was a lovely and stark color against her dark brown complexion.

Aeress tugged at her own inky strands while rolling her eyes. "No part of that was valid in proving my way of life as unhealthy. Not everybody enjoys sharing space with another mouth-breather!" She was just getting to the part in the book that warranted a dim-lit screen, popcorn, and soundproof walls. No one needed to witness her horrendous, animalistic reactions.

Aeress was pinched again! "Oh, shut up with your weird wording! We just graduated college, biotch! I just nailed a government job with benefits in the ass-"

"And should we tell the muggers stalking us your address as well?" Aeress held her phone to Shaya's lips like it was a microphone.

"If they are cute, they can get my number too," Shaya shrugged her shoulders. The pale pink dress on her body fit snugly. Her minimal curves still managed to procure interested gazes. Her lengthy legs were ceaseless as she added strappy heels. 

"Okay," Aeress slipped her phone in the pocket of her loose joggers. "So you have a job, which is awesome and all, but not everything is about you," she pretended to cry, "I've got shit going for me... literally, the only things interesting to me are my shits. How depressing is that? My goals in life are clearly not aligned with the whole adulting thing!"

Shaya tapped her professionally-done nail on her petite chin. "Goals meaning: reading, Almond Joy, reading, Almond Joy, shopping, getting money from millionaire husband and travelling the world? Yeah, none of that involves anything remotely productive!"

Aeress failed at containing her snort. "Finding a millionaire husband takes a lot hard work and effort! It's hard to come by those kind of guys these days without completely altering my entire personality and morals! Bitches are getting desperate." Okay, so maybe she wasn't actively on the search for a man, but a girl could dream!

"That would make you a prostitute. Here's why: you suck his dick," she counted off her fingers as though her explanation was fool-proof, "and five minutes later, a brand new prada bag on your mahogany bedside table! See, I always knew you would be a sex worker." She pointed an accusing finger.

"As if!" Aeress scoffed at her friend who clearly didn't know her well enough, "my payment would be a trip to the bookstore or maybe that one place in New York with that delicious steak! Remember that?" She looked around at their rural environment. Trees and bugs. And least in the city, the bugs there had enough decency to hide. Out here was a wild kingdom of bee hives and horny crickets. She was definitely far from her element.

"I pray I get dick tonight." Her friend crossed her fingers. Shaya had a lovely smile that made any man swoon. She didn't need a tiny dress or high heels to catch a man, but she insisted on it anyway.

Aeress tugged at her tight, black t-shirt. This was about as sexy as she got. "When you get the dick which you so desperately need tonight, will you shut the hell up about getting dick?" she demanded. "I don't understand one-night stands. Do you know how dangerous they are?"

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