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3rd Pov

Jungkook sighs, looking at the front side of his new house. It was his first time living alone, away from his parents and he was honestly thrilled to be finally an independent guy, considering that all his friends live alone and are older than him. He was consider the baby of the group. He was finally happy that he didn't live with his parents anymore, always saying something about his appearance and how he should work harder instead of trying to be like the people at his college who the only words they seem to know are, smoking, drinking, and sex.

Jabbing the key to the lock of the house door, he opens the door, creaking as it opens. He knows it's old but at least he has a house, right? The house may seem weird but he would honestly take any house over his parents house so quite frankly he didn't care. Stepping inside the house the younger walks inside, already knowing the way since he came to look at it when the house was for sale.

Feeling the air around the house immediately change as he did so. Shuddering he walked around the house already arranging and organizing stuff to make it look like his own style. After torturous hours of fixing and moving things around the house , he sighs contently looking at how the house has come along.

He walks upstairs tiredly with sweaty clothes, throwing himself into the mattress, not even bothering to change. His sore muscles were too tired so he just closed his eyes and went to sleep. Not caring at how the clothes cling onto his body like a second skin.


"Wow, Jungkook you really got lucky to get a house like this!" Jimin exclaims as be walks around with the olders trailing right behind him. They all eyed the house with smiles and looks of amazement. Afterall the house Jungkok got was pretty big. At a really cheap price too. Jungkook notices the bags his friends have and immediately takes the bags, looking through them just to see some alcohol and snacks.

He takes the gummy worms and tears the small bag open, already stuffing his mouth. Jimin frowns seeing Jungkook steal away the things they bought, with their own money, he lets it slide though, since it is, afterall a celebration for Jungkook and his new house. Everyone goes to the living room to be more comfortable.

"Stop eating it all ,you pigs." Yoongi lazily says from the couch he was sitting at. Everyone laughs and give him some. They all start having conversations amongst each other, throwing in a joke or two. Taking out the drinks Jin suddenly asks the younger a question.

"What does it feel to live alone, Jungkookie?" He asks playfully and Jungkook stops to think for a moment before shrugging. "I don't know, nice I guess? As long as it's not my parents house then I'm great." He says. They all hum and continue until they realized they didn't have cups for the drinks.

"Go get us some cups, kooks." Namjoon says and Jungkook complies, getting up to go towards the kitchen.

Looking for cups through the top cabinets, he realizes he can't find them. Maybe he misplaced them? I mean he was working a lot yesterday, so he opens the bottom cabinet instead. He sighs in relief once he spots them, bending over to get them. He feels a hand sneakily grab his hips. He ignores it, thinking is one of his hyungs being clingy and touchy with him.

That was until the hand grabbed a big portion of his ass and gave it a harsh squeeze. Letting go right afterwards making his ass jiggle back into place. A startled sound escaped the younger's lips, frozen with the bag of plastic cups grasped tightly in his fist.

Standing there processing what just happened, the younger male snapped his neck towards his back, seeing no one, and made a furious face. He was ready to kill whoever had enough balls to touch his precious thick ass. Walking down the hallway towards the living room with the plastic bags, he harshly turns around, looking at his hyungs.

"Who the fuck just touched my ass!?" Jungkook yells with a frown. The olders looked taken aback. They hadn't done such thing, they were all sitting down here waiting for the younger of the group to return with the cups so they could all drink. They furrow their eyebrows together at the younger's sudden outburst.

"Jungkook, we haven't left the living room since you left to go get the cups." Jin says glancing at the younger with a concern face. Jungkook freezes, if his friends didn't touch his ass, then who did? 

Jungkook got scared, maybe he was going insane. Maybe moving took a toll on him and now he was imagining things, hallucinating things that weren't there at all.

"Oh" That's all he says, possibly making the older's more worried. "Bubs, you okay?" Hoseok asks, usually a cheery person now concern and freaked out.

"Yes I'm fine, thank you. I think it's because I moved and I'm stressed, sorry." He replies sheepishly, calming down the others, who sigh in relief and start smiling again. "Welp! Hand over the cups looks! Time to drink!" Jimin cheerfully exclaims, snatching the cups out of the younger's hand.

Jungkook giggles at the action, knowing damn well the older likes to drink. They all cheer for the younger's new home and drink the night away, with Jungkook only drinking one cup because he's a baby.


Jungkook makes a small noise of complain as a hand grips his thigh, rubbing the exposed skin from his shorts. Moving upwards towards his ass. The younger snaps his eyes opened and whatever was happening stopped as he was now sitting up, no longer feeling sleepy, instead he was wide eyes staring at his surroundings

Sighing in relief he lays back down but, he was still awake, too afraid to fall back to sleep. It's been a week since he moved and a bunch of strange things kept happening. For example, as he sleeps he feels his body being touched or when he bends over he feels as if something is watching him. Don't get him started on how he suddenly feels pressure on his lips, as if he's being kissed.

He stops thinking when he hears footsteps outside his door. He almost shrieks if it wasn't for the pillow preventing him from screaming on his face. Who the hell was outside?

He closes his eyes and prays that whatever the hell was outside was just him dreaming.

At some point he must have fallen asleep because he woke up and the sun was shining brightly, hitting his face, making him throw on the covers again.

He sighs and sits up, his college won't come to him he has to go. Throwing on whatever he found he looks back to his house and swears he sees something in his bedroom window. He blinks and it's gone.

Shaking his head he walks away, to the place he calls hell.

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