ShadAmy Chapter 14- Broken

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Rouge sat on the bed calling Knuckles, his phone began to ring, and in the room his ring tone went off. She slowly put the phone down looking behind her and saw Knuckles standing there phone in hand.


"I would be the last one you'd call." He growled.

"What's that supposed to mean!?" She asked drying her tears, "How long have you been there? Who did this!?"

"I did!" He yelled.


"That's right! You know, me and my anger issues."

"What the hell were you so mad about that you did this!?" She yelled standing up.

"I'm mad because, first of all, you LIED to me! Do you really think, that I am stupid!? I was taught on a collage level at three years old, I AM NOT STUPID!"

"I never said you was!!!" She yelled back.

"No, you didn't. You didn't have to because the pathetic lie you came up with, about the hair brush and shampoo!? That was the same as telling me how stupid you think I am!"

Rouge thought for a moment, so many things she wanted to say but what to say first...

"I really want to know Rouge, what was Shadow doing in our bed!" He said sternly.

"Knuckles... if I told you, you wouldn't believe me..." She bowed her head, "that's why I lied. I was trying to avoid this in the first place..."

"I may have believed you if you would have just told me in the first place, but now..." He shook his head, "Never."

"So what do you think Shadow and I was doing!? Tell me!" She screamed throwing a pillow at him with all her anger.

"Think!? No I know what you and him was doing!"

"Am, I interrupting something here?" Shadow's voice came from the doorway. His head poked in, "I knocked but y'all was yelling too loud."

Knuckles flashed him a deathly glare, "But that's alright, It's not so bad, Because Amy is better than you are in bed."

"What!?" Rouge coughed at the statement. Shadow stood silent suddenly frozen in what to think.

"Yeah, Shadow. You wanna screw around with Rouge, that's fine by me! Amy and I have our side relationship and it's been better than this on has been in years!!"

"Knuckles stop it! Your only making this worse! It's nothing like what you're talking about!"Rouge kept an eye on both the boys.

"Oh really!? Then tell me what it is!"

Just then Chaotix had entered the house and Espio immediately ran into the room nudging past Shadow.

"Alright Knuckles, calm down." He ordered.

"I am calm! I took out all my anger on the house!" Knuckles yelled.

"Knuckles, Shadow and I are just friends! Friends and work partners! That's it!" Rouge began to have a stress head ache.

"Just friends don't 'sleep' together." Knuckles growled.

"I didn't mean to!" Shadow broke in, "It was, an accident if you should call it that. Rouge just needed someone to talk to, and I had happened to be over. We talked in the bed room and that was all!"

"Of course you would be over." Knuckles grumbled.

"Yes I would! Because I'm not guarding a glowing Rock all day! And I know Rouge better than YOU!"