How to Submit to our Reading Lists

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If you want your story to feature in one of our reading lists here is what you need to know.

Please read through everything carefully to ensure your story complies with all the requirements to make it into the reading list of your choice, also that you follow the correct submission guidelines.

Firstly, your story needs to comply with the following guidelines to be considered:

Your story must adhere to the Wattpad Content Guidelines. Meaning, it should be rated appropriately if it contains mature content (please refer to the content guidelines).

All submissions must be in English.

We prefer complete stories. If your story is not complete, it must have been updated within the last three months and continue to follow a regular updating schedule. We want to save the fans the frustration of an inactive story.

Please ensure that your story fits one of our reading list before submitting.

Tip: You can add the BeyondSol sash to your cover and the #BeyondSol tag to your book. This will make it more identifiable to potential readers.

The complete list of available reading lists is available in the previous chapter (chapter six).

How to submit:

All submissions must be made via this form. Please note that any submission attempts made on our message board, in the comment section or via PM will not be considered.

Just open the link in your browser and complete the questions. When completed just press submit (only once) and that's it.

Also note that a submission does not guarantee you a spot in the reading list. All submissions undergo a level of screening before a decision is made. This is to ensure our readers get quality stories for their reading pleasure.

Please be patient after a submission is made. As you can imagine, our list is long. We will notify you if your submission is declined or accepted.

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