Choosing a mate

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*mentally screaming*

Bishop: I fcking called it!

Shut up!

Voodoo: It seems like this person doesn't know what happened to all those previous wolves who were persistent in being your mate...

Loxo: Oh yeah, that reminds me... what happened to that she-wolf who was head over paws for you, Rose?

Oh, she left with the other wolves that tried becoming my mate.

Voodoo: ....In other words, Alpha Bloody made them stop existing.

Loxo: Woah, what?!?!

What? Did you think I was kind? Anyways... I have too many ocs to pick so I'll choose between Lemondrop, Loxo, and Voodoo.

Dusk: Lemon seems to be the nicest one and the least annoying.

Silence: She's too nice, Bloods might de-

Bishop: *covers Silence's mouth* Shush.

Might do what, mate?

Silence: *bites Bishop's paw*

Bishop: Ow! You little sht!

Silence: Might destroy her.

I highly doubt it. Anyways, yes, I pick Lemondrop to be my mate. Voodoo is only a great friend while Loxo is an annoying asshole.

Voodoo: ......

Loxo: Hey! Cruel!

Silence: Ooh Voodoo got stuck in the friendzoned!

Dusk: Like you haven't been there before.

Lemondrop: H-huh?! *flustered* Y-you don't really m-mean it, do you?!

Lemondrop calm down... it was just a dare I had no choice, but to do it.

Lemondrop: W-well... it's true I may or may not have had a slight crush on you, b-but.... I don't feel the same a-anymore.

*shrugs* Don't worry about it. No harm about it. I wouldn't be able to return your feelings either way.

Loxo: Awe, because you already have someone in mind?

Silence: No, because they're heartless.

Damn right I am. A cold heartless wolf.

Bishop: No you're not. Just unloving.

Shut up... anyways, there's your dare. Oh and... Lemondrop I mean no harm, but we're not mates. It was just a dare and the dare is now over.

Lemondrop: It's okay, Classy... I understand.

Bishop: Until the next dare.

Silence: What does Bishop mean by "next dare"?

What are you.... I am not. No, fck you. I will NOT! Fck yourself. I won't do it! No! Not that! I will look like a damn play-wolf! *storms off*

Bishop: Loxo can you go get Bloody?

Loxo: I can try! *disappears*

Silence: We haven't even heard the dare yet, how bad can it be?

Lemondrop: Well... at least the tuxedo will go into use?

Loxo: *reappears* I can't find Rose!

Bishop: *sighs* I will go get the tracking device. Thanks for trying, Lox.

Voodoo: Well... *sighs* That's it for this dare. Got any asks or dares? Don't hesitate to comment it down below.

Dusk: Oh, Lemon, since you were the chosen wolf, let's get you a dress or something so you look even more prettier.

Lemondrop: *blushes and covers face* No! I wouldn't be able to! You all are being mean!

Dusk: Sorry Lemon.

Voodoo: You know... we could have Bloody Alpha go on a date. But someone else has to choose who has to be the one going on a date with them since you've been making these yourself, Bishop.

Bishop: Who? Oh wait, Voodoo didn't you have a crush on Bloody?

Voodoo: ...I...uh...well... I got friendzoned.

Bishop: Do you want to be their date then or do you want to have someone else be their date?

Voodoo: Well I-

Loxo: We should let one of our readers choose! Anyone! It doesn't have to be one of us!

Dusk: *appears from the shadows, next to Bloody and looks at them* Should we sign off?

Leave me be, Dusk. Have someone else do that. And leave inkopolis. You're gonna cause a scene if they see you. I just wanna be alone. Tell the others I'll be back once I cool down.

Dusk: You do know that I'm a shadow shi-

Edger... leave me alone.

Dusk: *takes the form of another inklings shadow*

Edger! Get the fck out and join the others! I want to be alone!

Dusk: Okay *Walks away, still in shadow form back to where the others are*

Voodoo: Well...Alpha Bloody isn't gonna come back so...

Loxo: Any dares or asks? Let us know! And someone pick who Rose has to date! We'll be waiting! Bye bye buggies!

Lemondrop: This is why Classy doesn't let him do the outro...tally-ho everyone.

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