Chapter 1 | Clinic

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^Barbra Palvin for Ray

'Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate
no, I won't let it change me"


"Wake up stupid slut," my eyes are jerked open as I feel a slap across my cheek.

"Ma'am, I'm so sorry I overslept," I quickly apologise to my foster mum, Danielle.

She pushes me off the bed, and leaves the attic saying profanities I would never dare repeat.

Sighing, I get up and get excited since it's my first day in my final year of university, medical school excluded.

I rush to put on makeup to cover some scars that are showing, and add mascara and some chapstick before heading downstairs.

Luckily, no one seems to be in the house anymore so I take off running to make it to my first period.

My first hour lecture has been human biology for four years straight and I'm not complaining. Most people sleep through it giving me a chance to talk to the professor without getting all nervous.

Walking down the hallway has always been lonely. Sure I'm well known for being the smart, nice person around, but the only friend I have is Rose.

As I'm thinking that, I feel a slap on my butt causing me to turn around casually.

"Awe man, you still don't blush or get startled!?" Rose whines.

"Good morning to you too."

"You're no fun."

"I'm sorry I don't blush?"

"Yeah Yeah, save the apologies," she dramatically folds her arms and sniffles, while I playfully push her shoulder laughing.

Unlike my blonde hair and blue eyes, Rose is known for her wild ginger curls that I swear turn into flaming red sometimes. She's 5'5" (165 cm) while I'm 5'2" (157 cm) making me the shorter one that looks like a kid. If it wasn't for my boobs and butt, that I got good genes for, I wouldn't be noticed as a female lady.

The day ended up being boring since it was the first day and we all left with little to no home work to do.

When I came back home, I was pushed down by Danielle and glared at by Daniel, my foster dad. Yes, they have matching names, it's weird.

Before I could stand up, Daniel slams his foot on my ribs and i cry out in agony. Danielle was smirking and Daniel looked like he was just getting started.

After many punches and trips, I ended up with a vertical cut from my elbow to my wrist, a very bruised cheek, a split lip and what felt like a fractured rib.

Sighing, I wrapped everything in a bandage and headed to my work at the clinic wearing an indigo sweater and skinny jeans.

When the bus reached the clinic, I entered inside to see a huge fuss of people bleeding everywhere and quickly got into work mode.

"Ray, you made it," Sarah hugged me and began explaining how the top two feared gangs were fighting and some were severely injured that they couldn't wait to get their personal doctor.

I walk up to two people that are standing up discussing something quietly.

"How is everyone doing?" I ask quietly but they don't seem to notice me since their figures are towering over my little one.

I clear my throat and ask a little louder causing the two heads to snap towards me, the blonde seemed to be friendly while the other one sent draggers towards me.

"We're fine kiddo, go tend to other people," the blondie said.

"Sir, you seem to have a cut on your forehead. May I just see it?"

"No, now run along."

"Listen, i just want to have a closer look at it since my dwarf size isn't making it easy. Would you please squat down so I can see it?" I ramble getting frustrated.

He looked taken back for a split second before saying, "you don't know who we are, do you doll?"

"Some feared gang?" I question, examining his cut since he finally kneeled down.

"We are much more than that, you know?"

"Well, I'm really sorry for rambling?? Anyway, you might have a minor concussion and you'll need stitches which I can do now if you want. We'll have to run some tests to know for sure if you have a concussion," I explain. Once I'm finished with his stitches and he refuses to get the tests, i turn to his friend that didn't seem to be injured at all.

"Did you not get in the fight?" I question looking at the chart that was given to me about these guys.

When he didn't answer, I looked up to see him glaring at my split lip and faintly noticing my bruised cheek.

Before I could defend myself, he turned around and left me baffled.

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