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I am so excited and happy about this story. I used to have this habit of making the chapters too long and no one would read them so let's hope i don't go back to that habit.

This story is going to go slowly, since i like it when the characters get to know each other before they shove their tongue down each others throat. Not that any of that is gonna happen in this story.. ahem.

I appreciate any and every comment, vote or read. I honestly mostly care that you guys read this and enjoy it.

I will be updating every now and then since I'm already so excited about this story, but if you guys enjoy the story, it'll be more frequent.

A little update
(quickly though, people are very confused of how she's in her fourth year of university when she's only 19 and y'all gotta calm down. I know more than a handful of people who graduate uni around 19/20 so it's normal for me. i didn't realize it's that important)

I want to talk about the characters a bit because as I'm writing this story, I'm noticing it doesn't always make sense if you don't have the writer's mind set (me) and it makes me frustrated because I want you guys to understand.

Ray is an extremely shy girl, which includes her voice never being loud. She has the soft voice that to loud people like me, would sound like a whisper. She doesn't have THAT big of lady areas as I think I made it sound in the story, but she's pretty either way. She's been in and out of foster homes since she was four, and got to Daniel and Danielle's when she turned 13. I also understand her working directly with medical patients is not really allowed if you don't have a medical school's diploma or a special case. However, in this story, Ray is an especially smart person with her grades being the highest in her fields. (Plus it's not really real life so bare with me)

Ace is a quiet human being, he's the mafia's gang leader. He doesn't talk to anyone outside the mafia, doesn't allow anyone to call him by his first name, touch him in anyway, and basically what you would call a loner. Him being nice to Ray does not mean he's this sweet awesome guy, but I understand that I don't show his mean side often so the reader can't compare personalities. However, I don't like writing how he's mean to others instead of writing how caring he is towards Ray. It is a romance story, but I will try to make him a monster when I need to.

I also know I said their relationship will grow gradually but it seems to be moving a bit faster than I intended because when I read back to the first chapters, it's somewhat boring and it is what the readers first see when entering this story.

Lastly, I really want to thank two of the readers that are reading the chapters all the way through, haha. I know it sounds stupid, but I keep writing for these two readers since this story is not that popular and I don't think it will ever be. Just seeing that I got a read on my latest uploaded chapter makes me excited for the stupidest reasons. But thank you thank you thank you to anyone who stops by or just mentions it to any of their friends to check. Okay, "little" update over.

e n j o y !

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