Chapter 14:Surprise

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Hermione's POV

Everything is perfect now. I have a loving boyfriend, supportive friends and good grades. But nothing was going to prepare me for what was going to happen that afternoon.

12 pm

Draco's POV

It was rather pleasant eating at the Ravenclaw table. I looked down onto my uniform feeling once again proud to be wearing the blue and bronze emblem on my chest. For some reason I felt that the food on this table tasted better than on the Slytherin table. Professor Mcgonagal then came up to where I was sitting.

"Mr. Malfoy, I would like to see you in my office immediately."

"Yes Professor, is there something wrong?" I know that I haven't tormented anyone or done anything stupid.

" No, everything is fine but I need you too get Miss Granger and bring her to my office as well. I shall see you in a few minutes" and with that she strutted of too her office.

Ok now I have to find Hermione. I new where she was. The library.

I ran too the library since the way Mcgonagal was speaking, it sounded important.

Hermione as usual, was sitting at the back of the library reading Hogwarts: a history.

"Hey Hermione."

"Oh hey Drake" I love it when she calls me Drake.

"Professor Mcgonagal wants to see us in her office now."

"Is there something wrong?"

"No I don't think so but she wants us immediately babe."

"Let's go then" she said.

We walked hand in hand to the gargoyle that lead to the headmistresses office, luckily it was open because we didn't know the password. Hermione and I got to the top of the stairs and then she nicked on the door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

"Come In" said the booming voice of professor Mcgonagal.

I opend the door and let Hermione go in first, being the gentleman that I am. I then followed Hermione into Mcgonagal's office and sat down in one of the two leather chairs.

"I have called you both in today for a very important matter. Miss Granger, you may not have much to do with this but since you and Mr Malfoy are in a relationship I thought it would be best if you were part of this as well" said the headmistress.

"Yes professor" Hermione and I said both in unison.

"Your aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange had and affair with Severus Snape. But there is one more thing, they had a baby girl which you are the godfather of."

"WHAT!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!?" I yelled.

"Well Mr Malfoy, when two people love each other very much.........." Professor Mcgonagal started saying looking very uncomfortable. "And since the two are not with us today, you will now look after the little girl. Her name is Izara and she is almost two years old."

"But how is Draco going to have the space or any experience to look after a one year old?" Asked Hermione.

"Well miss Granger, like I said since you and Mr Malfoy are in a ........uh, relationship you Miss granger shall help Mr Malfoy in this situation." Said the professor. " As for where this little girl will grow up, you will be sharing a common room on the seventh floor behind Severus's portrait. The common room is fully equipped like a normal wizarding house with a kitchen and a nursery, the password is baby rattle.I thought that it would be better for Izara if she had two parent like figures to look after her. You will be able to pick Izara up in the hospital wing now. Both your lessons will be compromised so only one of you will have a class at a time. I would also advise you to not show Izara to the younger students, keep her only known to your closest friends. Any questions?" Said professor Mcgonagal.

"No professor Mcgonagal" Hermione and I said in unison.

"You may now pick up Izara Snape from the hospital wing. That is all." Hermione and I then left hand in hand.

Hermione's POV

That was a rather interesting conversation. I am practically becoming a mother and 19, and I'm rather scared. Draco and I walked hand in hand into the hospital wing. Draco opened the door for me. As soon as we walked in I say a sleeping baby with black ringlets in a cot. She looked really cute. We walked strait over too her. Madam Pomfrey came over to where we were standing.

"Professor Mcgonagal said that you are coming to pick Izara up. And Hermione dear, do you know some of the basics for mothering a child?" Said madam Pomfrey.

"Yes, I looked after some of the neighbourhood babies when I am on holiday at home" I replied.

Izara started to stir and rub her eyes open. Draco picked her up and started cradling Izara in his arms, he looked like a natural farther.

I feel as the rest of the school year will be interesting as I have to tell my friends about my boyfriend and my new 'daughter'. Wonder how this will go down with Ron.


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