Chapter 22: We're like Na Na Na

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“Who told you that?” I know James wouldn’t tell him. We agreed to keep it a secret until we figure out what it is between us, and also, I need to sort out the feelings that I’m starting to feel for this guy.

“Doesn’t matter.” He said.

“So you’re acting like a jerk to me the whole week because you ‘heard’ from someone that I am dating James? Why didn’t you just ask me in the first place?”  

 “Just answer the question Blondie! Yes or no?” He said sternly.

“No! We aren’t dating.” I slowly said so he could comprehend it clearly. My gaze is still fixated on him; his features became somewhat relieved when he heard my answer. What’s that all about?

 I don’t know what it is but I want him to know the truth. James and I only went out twice; I wouldn’t count that as dating.

 We didn’t talk the rest of the ride. He dropped me off at our house and I watched as he drove off.

Bloody men!

I slammed the door as I entered the house. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of food and confined myself in the four walls of my room. I plugged my iPod to a speaker and played 30 seconds of mars. I sat on my bed; crisscrossed and poured my frustration on my food.

Who does he think he is? What gives him the right to treat me that way? We aren’t dating or anything. Is he jealous? Is that why he’s been acting like a jerk just by that rumor? Why would he even feel jealous in the first place? If that’s what he wants! Fine! I’ll leave him alone. Different thoughts run in my head as I drown the frustration I’m feeling through food and music.

“Sis! You home?” Alex yelled as my door opened.

“What do you think? I just left the music up casually?” I snapped.

“What’s wrong?” he furrowed his brows.

“Nothing.” He walked in and sat beside me; he took a piece of what I’m eating and popped it in his mouth.

“Tell me.” He said. I sighed. Alex knows exactly what’s going on with me.

“Mason and I had an argument.”

“I see, a lover’s quarrel.” He said. “What did you argue about?”

“It’s not lover’s quarrel, we are not a couple.” I clarified. “Somebody told him that, apparently, James and I are dating.”

He looked at me with a shocked expression.

“You’re dating James?” disbelief evident in his tone.

“Of course not! We’ve only been out twice. So I don’t know who told him that.”

“You should’ve just told Mason that.” He said.

“I did. It would’ve saved us this argument if he had asked me that silly question last Monday. But no, instead, he went on and gave me the cold treatment, leaving me clueless.”

“And fuming.” He added. He shook his head while looking at me and gave a meaningful smile.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing.” He shrugged.


 Mason’s POV

I don’t know if either Blondie or James is telling the truth. They’re both good friends of mine, I trust both of them. I’ve known James longer than Blondie, but still. I know Blondie well enough to know that she wouldn’t lie to me.

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