Chapter 1: Meet Emily

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Hey, thanks for giving My Terrible Life a try. Just a note, there are hard, sudden shifts in perspective, a key mechanic to this story. Unfortunately, there's only one font I'm aware of and it makes it difficult to distinguish the shifts. Anyways, I hope you enjoy My Terrible Life as a Main Character and let me know what you think.


The day began anew with the sun rising over the crest of the horizon, flooding the world with warm, soft light and the promise of happiness, wonder, and adventure. Beams of light danced and glimmered as they filled the room, chasing away yesterday's worries and woes. As the beautiful mid-summer morning breathed life into the world, Emily could feel the gentle dawn brush her cheery, soft pink hair and kiss her gentle, plushy lips causing a smile as warm and kind as the sunrise itself. Her large, bright cerulean eyes sparkled with the same radiance as the sun as she thought about the hopeful prospects of the day. Today was an especially wonderful day. Yes, today -

Yeah, no, I'm going to stop you right there.

Yeah, sure, pink hair and blue eyes but not quite what's being described up there. More like just regular pink and blue. But first, it's like six in the morning and I would like nothing more than to go back to sleep right now. But I can't because I can only sleep an exact eight hours a night at only the same time every night. While most people would happily enjoy this kinda regularity, it gets kinda old for me after a while. I would even settle with turning off the sun right now, it is way too bright right now.

Filled to the brim with the energy of joy and wonder, she hopped out of bed and began preparing for the day. What would she wear for such a special occasion? A light, fluttery summer dress with frills and patterned with flowers and leaves? Or maybe something more sporty like a graphic t-shirt with shorts and slightly torn up leggings and sneakers? As she laid out her entire wardrobe all over her room from floor to ceiling she knew that no matter what she chose, she couldn't go wrong.

Nope, I'm still in bed. Just staring at the ceiling and agonizing over what's ahead for me. I'll just tell you right now it's the first day of high school for me. Don't get me wrong, school sucks and no one wants to go to school again but it's an entirely different ordeal for me. And it's not until eight and it's still only a few minutes after six. I am hungry right now but it's way too early to eat and I don't exactly have anything else to do right now so early. I could probably watch the early morning news shows but all they ever show is depressing stuff like wars, pointless politics, and terrible people in general. My life sucks enough already I don't need to know about the world's problems, too. And there's no point in me just finding something to do, hobbies don't exactly suit me.

So I get to lie here in bed and wait until breakfast is ready. And like my author said, I can throw on whatever and it'll be a-okay. It literally doesn't matter what I wear, I'll be fine. I could wear a potato sack and it'll still look good on me.

Oh, there was too much to think about and every bit of it was exciting and invigorating!! She just couldn't contain herself! What kind of makeup should she wear? Smoky shadows or the natural look? What kind of accessories should she get?! Cute and delicate just exactly as she was or something more bold and daring for a teenage girl ready to take on the world?! And what would all of the cute boys - Oh gawd, stop, I'm going to barf.

After waiting almost a full hour it's time to get going. It'd be nice if time stopped forever and I never had to go to school or if I could just not go to school. Actually, if I had a honest, for-real wish, it would be to not be how I am now. Or at least, maybe just get rid of all the annoying stuff.

She floated and glided down the stairs as - WILL YOU STOP IT?!?!

"Hey there, Emily." My dad turned around to get a look at me. He had a shocked expression on his face. "Wow, I didn't think you would dress up today. Or fix your hair and face." He then put up his hand to his cheek to really sell his surprise.

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