Crossing the Threshold Requires Thumbs

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Interlude of Dialogue

Greg Bowser Allman: Sup.

Hooman #1: Umm, hello.

Greg: Y'all ready to visit the neighbor who stole Happy Rock from the front yard?

Hooman #A: Why is Greg talking?

Hooman #1: He's been doing that for awhile now.

Hooman #A: For how long?

Hooman #1: At least as long as he's been ripping squirrels in half.

Hooman #A: And you didn't tell me about it?

Hooman #1: I was too busy translating what they were saying onto Wattpad.

Hooman #A: W-what?

Hooman #1: Ohmyskiddies, you know, Wattpad

Greg: Hoomans.

Hooman #1 & #A: What, Gregory!?

Greg: Until we finish Meowmaster's Thumb Project, I'm gonna need you to turn the knob.

Hooman #1: We wouldn't have to go on this trip, if you'd just taken Happy Rock back when you saw it in our neighbor's yard—

Hooman #A: We've been over this already!

Hooman #1: I feel unsatisfied...

Greg: Door, hoomans!

Hooman #A and #1 both try to open the door. After a couple knuckle-bumps, the door opens. Greg leads the hoomans of Feline Society #337 down In 'n' Oumanity Avenue, to the shortest, whitest, most weather-worn house on the block.

First draft: July 18

Second draft: September 18

Word count: 206

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