Chapter 109 Housework! (2)

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They said that this beautiful boy stole someone's money and was caught in a hurry? In her opinion, the beautiful teenager does not look like that kind of person. This was not Lan Qin Yu being biased towards the handsome guy, but the beautiful young boy's face was barely strong, so to steal other people's money?

The possibility is very small, even if it is really stolen because of any unreasonable reasons, it will definitely be recognized right away.

"The people under the sect, don't come up with names!"

The beautiful boy didn't cry,he was very stubborn, with his mouth shut and ignoring their taunting barks.

Personality! She likes it!

However,no matter how good his personality is. If doesn't seem honest in the lobby... it will be a loss!

"Bold trouble-maker, questioning even the adults do not make a good answer, attitude still so naughty! Be careful of this House to give you a 20 big board!"

Just say it, it will suffer! Lan Qin Yu shook her head.

The clichés of the trial, Qin Yu couldn't afford to be interested, and had to watch the same people getting busy. Some mouths hanging open with gloating looks while looking that young mn, and some women with a worried frown, so  it is easy to see here  the human nature, good or bad at a glance!

Of course, those who are not flexible enough to think of the beautiful boy as a true prisoner, and then the sense of justice and the contempt of the beautiful youngsters must be different, such a person can not really be regarded as a good person!

There is a little girl on the other side, staring red at the beautiful boy, oh! People's spring is moving! Commit a sin ah! Haha!

Huh? So she looked around , and she found a suspicious character!

The thief's eyebrows, the sharp-nosed monkeys, at first glance, is a person who is not doing business! The man was sneaking his hand in his arms, his face was a little flustered, and from time to time he went to the master and the man.

Um... very suspicious!

A pair of guilty face that says, look at my lame look! ** Not far from ten! He is the real prisoner!

Suddenly, a figure with glasses, a small suit jacket, a bow on the neck, and a standard detective Conan image! Her heart is starting to move, she really wanted to recite some of the classic lines!

'There is only one prisoner! '

The advisor seems to have negotiated the results. He cleared throat and yelled. "If you don't want to cooperate, then don't blame this official. Come on! Show warning! If you don't be honest, just hit!"

  How awkward! This dog officer did not slightly review the trial, and directly wanted to use sentence for the suspect, this is an absolute bend to the rules! As for him, can he be a local official?

The emperor should really reorganize the local government!

Since such a ridiculous thing was caught up by her, as the princess of this dynasty, she came to do a good job for Heaven! Um... The words are exaggerated, just let me fix these defeated things!

The two servants were trying to hold on to the young boy and start to implement the punishment . Lan Qin Yu walked into the hall without hesitation.

"Officer, can you let a small woman say something before you continue?"

The beautiful teenager heard the sound and looked up in a strange way. Qin Yu took the opportunity to think that she was very attractive and threw a brow at the beautiful boy. He had no chance to get to know him in depth, first 'hook' and say it!

"Bold! How can a grassroot(commoner?) in the district dare to go without a call and walk into the mansion at will!"(how can a commoner come in and disturb us without the permission to do so!)

It seems that the master here is more like a fortune than the adult of the house. The characters are not talking, but how can you talk about it! Grass people? You still have a straw bag!(it seem like the people here are just scumbags, treating the people like this)

Disturb her to meet new friends! Oops!(??)

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