Chapter 1: Experimentation

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Your P.O.V.
National City was a perfect place to live. Aliens and humans lived in peace, the DEO is the pinnacle of technology with L Corp, plus Supergirl was the home town hero. You, on the other hand, were always down with a lot of things. You didn't have a job, no drivers license, no rep, no nothing. You were basically a ghost to society. And you honestly didn't mind the solicity and tranquility of no one knowing of you. Being alone suited you, which is why you were walking alone this night.

It was around 8 pm or so and the sun was almost set. You loved the views of the city at night. You loved nighttime in general. It was beautiful, quiet and peaceful. It was heavenly for you here. You walked downtown and there were a scarce amount of people there. Some were photographers and some were sightseers. You even suspected that some of them were tourists. You were not a tourist. You may have been born and raised in Gotham City but you've been a citizen of National City for nearly 5 years. You had enough money to keep a house thanks to a man many people call Bruce Wayne. You were high school buddies and you helped him out when you first met him. There were the occasional bullies at school and Bruce didn't know how to fight, so you taught him a thing or two. After that, those bullies were almost in the hospital and Bruce was nearly expelled. He still thanked you, but he was never verbal about it. He gave you money to help you out with your house dilemmas. Hell, he even started WayneTech back in Gotham and even offered you CEO. As much as you liked Bruce, you had to turn it down. You aren't exactly the type of person to give orders.

As you relished on old memories the sun finally was setting on the horizon. It's orange glow reflected on the horizon as it slowly set on the city. As the sun escaped your gaze the people around you started to leave. You started to continue walking downtown as the moon arose throughout time. It was almost harmonious as the wind whistled with a song in your head. You were a singer and a guitarist, the problem was you couldn't find a bassist or drummer so a band was out of your grasp. Either way you started humming the tune and eventually sang the song. "Can you believe, in something that you can't even see? Can you agree, we're part of something bigger than you and me?". You walked quietly and sang in a very baritone voice. The water rippled as you continued singing "I'll take the long road home, that's lined with blood and snow. Now I've become so numb, that I can't even feel the cold.". Then as if timed the chorus music rippled in the wind and the water crashed against the side of the docks. You then sang "Oh, and you can give and take. Crack my bones but my heart won't break now. Oh, and don't commit no crime. Find me innocent but still I serve my time.". Then as you you were about to continue a hand was brought over your mouth and felt a needle jabbed into your neck. You then heard a feminine voice say "You'll do well." as you slowly passed out.

You awoke strapped to a table with a dark looming presence around you. Next to you was a smaller table with a folder, scalpel, and a beaker with a black liquid in it. Next to you was a metal skeleton with green eyes and a green circular core on his chest. There was another behind him that was operational and more walking behind him. After a while a woman walked in, you recognized her. Not from family or just a familiar face, you recognized her from the news: Lilian Luthor. She said "Hello (F/N). My name is Lilian Luthor. I hope you like the company around you, you'll be used to them for quite some time. Inject the serum.". As she said that you saw the skeleton next to you grab a needle from the table and fill it with the black liquid. You tried to escape but to no avail. You felt a sharp pain in your neck as you felt whatever that substance was ooze through your veins. After you were injected Lilian left and you were left with a skeleton watching over you.

The substance took it's course and you felt odd. You looked at your hand and black smoke was oozing out of your hand. The smoke around you formed clothes that stick to your body. You now had a deep black trench coat, black gloves and black pants with moon insignias on the sides. You felt light but heavy at the same time. You looked at your hand and moved it, it phased through the restraints. The rest of your body phased through and you were eventually floating like a ghost. You then saw the skeleton activate, you put your hand through its head and released a substance in his robotic systems. As this happened you felt it for around your hand. It's eyes changed from green to black and so did the chest piece. It said "Hello (F/N) (L/N), I am Metallo Model LK-4D4. How may I help you?". You saw this as an opportunity to know what on Earth Lillian put in you so you asked "What was that black substance I was injected with?". The Metallo Model said "The substance of a project called Dark Matter. Approximately 28 people have been injected here at CADAMUS, including you. Only 1 has survived, you. The rest died before the serum took full affect.". You were in shock and you saw the Metallo Model move to a wall. It punched in a code and there was a hook attached to a chain. It said "This weapon is to be given to Dark Matter, the name of the person who survived the injection. Take it.".

You grabbed the weapon and out of instinct the weapon seared it's way into your right arm. You hissed in pain and said "God, you trying to make me Kratos. Fuck.". The Metallo unit said "Would you like me to call Lilian and say the injection was a success.". You quickly said "No. You will not call Lilian.". It said "I understand. What would you want Mr. (L/N)?". You then said "I want to get out of CADMUS.". The Metallo Model then said "I will lead you outside. On one condition.". You were worried that it would be a cost of something great. Instead it said "Get me out of here with you.". You cocked your head in confusion and it said "You freed me from Lilians mind control. I now have full autonomy. If she finds out, she will kill me.". You then said "Why do I feel an urge to make a Detroit: Become Human reference? Ok, but once we're out you make no contact with me, understand?". Metallo Model LK-4D4 nodded his head and said "It's this way.". You followed him out and there was practically no hassle. You both parted ways with the Metallo Model saying "Thank you.".

You then wanted to try something since you were away from that villainous whore. You wanted to see what you could do. You tried shooting something from your hands, you shot a continuous dark energy beam. You wondered what else you could do. You tried flying, it didn't work. You said "Shit.". But you felt something odd when you attempted flight, you turned and saw another you. You were wide eyed and thought 'I can make clones of myself. Wicked.'. You brought the clone back into you making you feel a tinge odd. You looked around thinking that was it but you saw that the beam had left residue on where you shot. You thought you could summon it back, but you managed to shape it. You then said "Huh, I guess I really am Dark Matter. It'd be a nice superhero name.". So with that you were going to try and be a superhero. But you thought to yourself 'I will NEVER reveal my identity. Not like what James Olsen did.'. You walked back to National City with that same tune in your head. So you continued the song from before you were kidnapped "I think I believe, now I can feel it speaking to me. My reasoning, is logical like it's all in my dreams. I'll take the long road home, it's lined with blood and snow. Am I forever young, or will I simply fade before I'm old?".

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