Chapter Seven

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"This place is so cool, I can't believe Austin doesn't like it here." I said in awe as Stephen and I walked around the camp. After we both had caught a nap we met up again and were currently walking around outside.

"It's alright, but after about the third week you get restless because you wanna go home." Stephen shrugged and nodded at some guys who were walking past us.

"Oh, now I understand why you're so excited to see me  when you get home." I chuckled, but was instantly hushed by Stephen. I gave him a confused look and raised my eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

He sighed and pulled me off to the side. "Dallas, you can't openly talk about things we did in private. Do you not realize where we are and you're pretending to be right now?" he harshly whispered at me.

I could feel my facial expression fall, causing Stephen to groan in response. "Look, I didn't mean to speak to you like that, but-"

"It's okay, I understand." I weakly smiled at him and walked away, leaving him glued to his spot. My eyes watered up and I quickly rubbed my eyes so no tears would fall out. I must've looked like a crazy person talking to myself and kicking stones to the point where anyone sane would stay away, but for Jason it was the perfect opportunity to bash me.

"Dude, are you crying?" I heard someone chuckle.

Jason, who had a smirk on his face, was surrounded by two guys who looked like they were about to laugh too. "No you idiot." I said after I cleared my throat and prayed my voice came out deep enough. "Ever heard of allergies?"

He gave me a suspicious look and folded his arms, causing his muscles to bulge. My eyes flickered to his arms and my knees became weak, besides dimples, a guy with strong arms was one of my top weaknesses when it came to guys. "You don't have allergies." he said.

I glared at his and crossed my arms too, hoping my arms looked intimidating too but I doubt it. "What are you, my doctor?"

"Whatever, if you can't handle being here quit crying and go home." Jason glared and ran into my shoulder as he walked by.

"Ugh, asshole." I said and continued walking away from my lovely roommate. Please note the sarcasm.

"Austin!" someone hollered. I continued walking, completely forgetting that I was going by the name Austin now. Something struck me in the back of my head and I hissed in pain at the sudden contact.

"What the hell?" I asked and saw a football rolling around on the ground. I should've known, look where I am. I looked up and saw a guy about my height walking towards me with a grin on his face.

"Sorry man, you didn't hear me calling you so I had to improvise." He apologized and picked up the football,  offering me an apologetic smile. "How have you been? When did you get here?" he asked and fell in step with me.

"Maybe about three hours ago. You?" Good lord, how was I holding a conversation with a complete stranger?

"I think maybe an hour?" he answered and tossed the ball between his hands. "Anyways, who are you rooming with?"

I rolled my eyes at the thought of Jason. "Jason Perry." I grimaced.

He gave me a pained look in return. "Sorry about your luck, I heard he's a real douchebag."

"He is!" I shrieked. I shrieked. Oh my goodness! Please don't tell me he heard my voice change. Judging from his weirded out look I'm pretty sure he did.

"Dude, what's wrong with your voice?" he stopped walking.

I cleared my throat and gave a nervous laugh. "I been fighting this cold lately. My sister got me sick."

"I didn't know you had a sister. Is she hot?" he grinned. I bet he's a virgin.

I gave him a pointed look and his expression dropped. "I don't know, she's my sister and she has a boyfriend."

"Oh, sorry dude. Didn't know." I continued to stare at him while he shuffled his feet and nervously kept tossing the football back and forth. "I gotta get going now. See ya." he waved and walked away.

Is this really what I had to put up with for the next month and a half? A bunch of hormonal, perverted guys who smelled like ass and sweat? Just the thought made me nauseous and almost had me running for the toilet to empty my stomach.

I was almost back to my room when my phone started going off in my pocket. I saw that it was Austin calling and rolled my eyes.

"Hello?" I asked and nodded my head at a few guys who nodded at me first. The way guys greet each other is so weird, and they talk about girls. At least we actually say something, guys just grunt like cavemen.

"How's my darling brother?" I heard him snicker from the other end. Evan could be heard laughing in the background and I growled deep in my throat.

"I don't know who your brother is, but your sister is doing OK for right now." I answered as I stepped inside my housing building. I found a small single plus chair in the corner next to a table and fake tree and threw myself on it before someone else could. "Dude, what did you do to piss off, Jason?" I asked as I recalled how he looked at me with such hate and shoved himself into my shoulder.

"Nothing." Austin simply stated in a cold tone that made it clear he wasn't gonna tell me anything.

"You're such a liar, you have the ability to piss off people in the worse way possible." I rolled my eyes and envisioned him pouting like a child because I was right.

"Anyways." I could feel his glare through the phone. "Evan said hi." He said to break the tension.

"No he didn't, and even if he did I wouldn't say it back. Is that really the only way you could think to break the ice?"

"Shut up, my brain is on vacation right now."

"Than what's your excuse for the rest of the year?" I chuckled and picked at a loose thread on my shorts.

"I'm hanging up now." he said and actually hung up on me.

I continued laughing and shook my head to myself as I got up from my seat. I groaned and stretched as I headed over to the elevator. When the doors finally opened I stepped inside and waited for them to close back.

"Hold the door!" someone yelled.

I stuck my hand through the doors and kept the doors open,  but immediately regretted it when I saw that it was Jason who needed the doors open. I rolled my eyes and stood back once he got inside. I crossed my arms and stayed in my corner of the elevator.

"Ready to get your ass handed to you tomorrow?" he broke the silence.

"What?" I asked and finally looked at him. He had a smirk on his face and he was giving me a daring look.

"Tomorrow during training. Ready to look like an idiot in front of everybody?"

I glared and went to put my hands my hips until I realized that made me look feminine so I opted to just ball up my fists. "The only idiot around here is you!" I yelled and stomped out the elevator once the doors opened. This whole stomping away thing and fuming would be so much better if Jason didn't have to go to the same place I did.

"You're such a big baby." Jason came in chuckling and threw himself on his bed.

I didn't answer and instead tucked myself under my covers and try to go to sleep again seeing as how I had to get up early tomorrow for training.


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