Chapter 108 Housework! (1)

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After sending away the old coachman, Lan Qin Yu found a place called 'Yuelai Inn' which was down. The name of the inn was very popular. Usually the name is popular. The area of the inn is not very big, but it is very clean and tidy. People are also good, good attitude and good service, the most important thing is to look very good!

Before going in, Qin Yu had previously taken the man's face in the corner. She didn't want to get up in the morning. Xiao Eryi saw that the man who was not yesterday was treated as a thief!

"Miss, your room is here. If there is anything to tell, please feel free to call it small." Xiao Er put down some side dishes, and he left the room with a sigh of relief.

Dangling sour shoulders, she has no power, all day long to patronize and quickly leave the wind city, have no time to eat well, breakfast before the palace is not eaten, big miscalculation!

I don't know if Tianqing has found out that she is no longer there. If he finds it must be very angry, even if he has not found out that she has already told Xiu er, she will hand over the letter to the emperor tomorrow. Yesterday, I talked so much with Feng Jilin. In the letter, I also told the emperor what happened yesterday... There should be no problem.

She did it for her family and it was a good thing! I have not forgotten to give people a small favor, but she is Lan Qin Yu, a rare person who has never seen a hundred years!


In the early morning of the next day, the Imperial Palace - in the Palace of the Winds.

There was a letter sent from Xiu er on the table, a short number, the reason for leaving was not written, and the place to go was not written! What is Lan er playing? Why did you suddenly leave, it was not good before, what is 'I will come back when I am free, don't read! 'What kind of joke is she making? He thinks... this is not fun!

Finally, what did he write to him?

'For the little things, get angry, look back and think about why, others are angry, I'm not angry, I'm sick, I'm not arrogant, I'm mad at anyone, and it hurts and hurts...'

Words are good words, enough rhymes, but... small things? Why bother? It hurts and hurts?



"Achin -"

In the room, I enjoyed the lunch of theLan Qin Yu, and after a few sneezes, someone must have recited her in the back, trouble! People who are famous for eating a meal can't stop! Hey......

"Hey, I heard that there are cases in the house, go, go and join in the fun!"

"It's okay anyway, Cheng, I'm going to go!"

Outside the door, the voices of several men caught the attention of Qin Yu.

case? Tuen Mun trial? I erect my ears and listen to it. It seems that the man in the house is a rice bucket, and often makes false and wrong cases. Therefore, every time a common case occurs, the people will join in the fun, and some will even help those who are jealous.

"It sounds very interesting!" He hurriedly took a few meals and went to see the fun together!

Yan Ting's voice is not far from 'Yue Lai'. It takes less than five minutes to walk. When Qin Yu arrived, there were already many people gathered at the entrance.

Some strenuously squeezed into the front of the crowd. The man in the house was already sitting in the hall, his body was blessed, and he still had a very ugly character, and his voice was sharp and harsh.

"Where are you under the hall, report it to the name." The old man, who stood next to the master, shouted.

Lan Qin Yu also curiously looked down at the people who were not far from the front, still a teenager! It seems that it should be similar to Xiao Lian Che, also the appearance of 16,7. In the eyes of the blue dragonfly, the brush is shining, and the beautiful boy is a yeah! Little handsome guy!

Her eyes are called 'artificial handsome scanners'! Never miss a handsome guy! (Before mentioned her slight myopia, but it is very normal in such a situation...)

In the past six months, she has passed the age of 19, and has entered 20, compared with them... Hey, old! Like the age of this beautiful boy, she can only barely be the sister of others!

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