Where babies come from

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Loxo: That is a good question!

*facepaws* Damn it Myst... why. Out of all questions.... why.

Lemondrop: *looks up from book* Who has to answer that question?

Well... Myst said she wanted me, Voodoo, and Dusk to answer their question.

Voodoo: Hey! I exist too!

Shush, you'll get a question one day...

Voodoo: Well... babies... I don't really know where they come from. Remember, I was a science experiment with no experience about the other world until a few months ago. Sorry for not being able to answer your question, Mystic.

Dusk: Well babies come from... wait where do babies come from? They come from space. Babies are aliens from space.

*cringing* Uuuuhhhhhh....

Lemondrop: Classy, you have 100 puppies so you should know how to answer that question?

...babies come from....come from...

Voodoo: Alpha Bloody? Are you okay? You're sweating.

Well...um... babies come from... ships. Yeah, ships!

Lemondrop: ...Ships?

Yeah! That's where my squolves came from! *nervous chuckle*

Loxo: Weren't they St- ...OOOOHHHH

Lemondrop: Loxo please....

Let me finish! Babies come from ships! You know, the type that people make when they see two people would look nice together in a...

Voodoo: Relationship

Yes, that! Sometimes people take the ship to another level and create newborns that look similar to the two people-

Loxo: Or wolf

Shut it you incoherent bastard.

Silence: Cute wolves

*snarls* Quiet or else I'm taking your stuffed bunny! Anyways... so sometimes the ship turns real, meaning the two people actually...l...lo...

Bishop: Come on Bloody. You've almost got it

Loxo: You can say it!

L-lo...I can't say it!

Dusk: Come on, we believe in you!

Silence: It's only one word.

Lemondrop: You can do it Classy! Just say the word love!

*shivers* When two people l...lo... *shakes head* really tolerate one another and the baby like looks similar to them starts exiting.... excuse me while I go throw up. *exits room*

Voodoo: ...Alpha Bloody tried at least?

Dusk: Bloody was trying to say l...lo...wow, they're right. This is hard.

Silence: Love. Bloody was trying to say love.

Bishop: When two people really like each other, they kiss and about nine months later.....BAM! There's a kiddo.

Lemondrop: *sighs and looks at the readers* Well, there's your answer Mystic. Remember, if any have questions for one of us or a dare, don't hesitate to let us know!

Loxo: Even if it's a date!

Dusk: We should give Bloody a break on the date thing.

Loxo: How about the pocky game then!

Voodoo: Loxo no!

Dusk: What's the pocky game?

Loxo: It's when-

*pulls on Loxo's ear* I think the fck not, Loxo

Loxo: Oooowwwww!!!

Voodoo: Well... I guess that's that. Tally-ho! And of course, any dares or asks, don't hesitate to let us know.

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