Chapter 106 disguise! (1)

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Wearing the eunuch suit is not the interest of Qin Yu, so I have to put on a palace dress of Xiu er and then carefully attach a thin layer of skin to my face. After checking again and without any problems, put the bag into the basket prepared in advance.

Anyway, the Queen used to go to out of the palace to buy some things. This time Qin Yu is ready to go out. This should be the easiest way to pass, and the least likely to be discovered by others! People are smart, just no tricks!

Not far way is the front door, as long as the door is open, she will escape the palace smoothly!

Carefully looked around and anyone noticed her and hurried forward.

It's a few steps away!

The original tight door suddenly opened, and a small group of guards came in and let Lan Qin Yu feel bad things finally happened! Who among the guards is standing at the forefront? Who is that!

Why do you want to meet Feng Tian Qing at such a critical juncture! The idea is too bad! Going out without looking at the yellow calendar!

There are a few other eunuchs who, like hers, go out to work in the palace. Everyone bows their heads to the side to salute, and Lan Qin Yu follows suit.

Don't look out, don't look out, nothing, nothing! Don't be nervous, don't be nervous! I was thinking about all kinds of possibilities in my mind, desperately persuading myself to calm down and calm down in various ways!

"The one over there, which palace are you? What do you want to do in the palace?" Feng Tianqing looked strangely at the head of the palace girl in front, she is new? The clothes are a little messy, and they are not well organized. In the palace, whether it is down to the palace eunuch, the Princess or Prince must always maintain the best appearance, so that the face of the Qing Dynasty will not be lost.

Lan Qin Yu almost bite her tongue, and she never imagined that he would call her directly!

Raise your head as naturally as possible, and replied: "Hello, the slave is the person around the queen, and is going to buy some folk gadgets for the empress."

It turns out that it is a person in the mother's harem. It's no wonder... After the mother likes to play everywhere, the people around me are inevitably infected, really.

"If this is the case, then go back quickly, don't let the Queen wait a long time." Then, with the guards went in.


Needless to say, Lan Qin Yu must also try her best to leave as soon as possible. Fortunately, before and by the way, Mo Yun learned how to change his voice, or else she would definitely be exposed!

After the small eunuchs came out of the palace gate, they went northward in unison, and Lan Yuyu went east according to the things that the distant moon country said in the East. The Front gate has been closed, and the little eunuchs have no shadow. Lan Qin Yu has rolled up her sleeves and took the baggage from the basket and carried it behind her.

She ran! run! Struggling to run!

After half a year in the palace, the body has hardened! I did not run for a while already running out of gas a child!

"ha ah... exhausted, running, can't run." LanQin Yu stopped and leaned against a wall to gasp. Although she didn't run much, she was far from the palace.

Rest for a while, looked at the surrounding storefront, just opposite the home to sell silk, and should also sell ready-made clothes.

"This little brother, help me with a few decent men's clothes."

The young man who was sorting out the cloth at the sight of a man wearing a palace uniform had a very good attitude. He took a few pieces to look at the men's clothing of the first class.

I will do business quite well!

Anyway, she is not short of money, to wear to wear high-end! Bought it!

The extra layer of skin on the face, as time went on, began to become slimy and uncomfortable. Lan Qin Yu went in and looked for a mirror and carefully peeled the skin.

It may be used in the future, so I have to take it up!

"Little brother, these clothes are all wrapped up for me, I am all-"

Huh? How do people lie down?

"All in all... It seems that it was the act of picking my face... I was fainted?"

How courage is so small!

But forget it, she did not have time to care about this, put the silver prepared in advance on the counter, and then put the clothes on the back hall.

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