VI - Correspondences

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Each magical item has its own "correspondence", or concept that it represents and attracts. For example, green is usually associated with money (among other things), and green things can attract money to you.

If you don't agree with some correspondences or they don't resonate with you, by all means change them for your personal practice. If you associate red with money instead of green, use red for money spells. It's all about what you believe, and it's not going to work if you don't believe in the power of correspondences.

The following are some correspondence lists. They include common beliefs, but if they don't feel right for you, you can change them. You don't have to memorize them all; you can always reference this list (I suggest you copy some of it into your Grimoire), and eventually you'll learn them from using them frequently.

Color correspondences can be used in clothing, decorations, and candles for example. Pick the color according to the type of spell you're performing and what you want to attract.

Red: element of fire, courage, strength, power, health, ambition, passion.

Orange: element of fire, creativity, positivity, inspiration, new possibilities, vitality, encouragement.

Yellow: element of air, intellect, communication, learning, study, travel.

Green: element of earth, healing, fertility, growth, money, prosperity.

Blue: element of water, peace, calm, renewal, healing, protection, patience.

Purple: element of Spirit, spirituality, magic, divination, connection with the divine, intuition, meditation.

Pink: love, friendship, peace, health, family relations, compassion.

Brown: element of earth, endurance, animal health, stability, physical objects, concentration.

Black: remove negativity or curses, protection, truth, contacting spirits.

White: purification, healing, blessings, spirituality, protection.

Grey: neutrality, balance.

Silver: the Moon, Goddess, female energy, intuition, balance, remove negativity.

Gold: the Sun, God, male energy, success, money, luck, achievement.

NOTE: If you're not sure which color you should use, go for white. It's a safe choice in any situation!

It can be helpful to carry a crystal with you; pick the crystal according to what you need. You can also use them in your spells, and as decoration on your altar or in your home. Crystals are associated with the Element of Earth. Different crystals attract different things:

Crystals (alphabetical list):
Agate: protection, courage, strength.

Amethyst: protection, cleansing, intuition, soothing, relaxation.

Apophyllite: eliminates anxiety and negativity, calm, cleansing, love.

Aquamarine: stress relief, positive outcomes, peace, calm, ease.

Aventurine: luck, prosperity, wealth, opportunities, confidence.

Azurite: intuition, truth, psychic abilities, stress relief, communication with spirit guides.

Black tourmaline: strong protection, wards off negativity.

Bloodstone: courage, self-esteem, energy, protection, vitality.

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