Chapter 104 Ready to flee! (1)

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"Princess, are you really going to leave?"


Lan Qin Yu took the pen and wrote two large words on the paper. Before going there, she always had to say goodbye to them. These two contents were to be given to the emperor. The reason for her departure is that she wants to see the world outside, and life in the palace is not suitable for me.

Down to the Queen to name a few, the words of the Queen Mother, Yan Ruo,Lian Che are also written in the second chapter, also specifically for Feng Ji Lin asked for love, for the emperor to tell the family.

After writing it, stack it up and put it on the hand of Xiu er and say, "You turn this into your words and give it to the emperor."

Fortunately, in the leisure time, there were teaching Xiu er to write Chinese characters, or else I really don't know what to do. Here, I can only understand the Chinese characters, only Xiu er and a boring Mo Yun...

Do not tell Mo Yun about running this kind of thing, just hand it to Xiu er!

"Has the princess forgotten an individual?" Xiu er looked at the contents of the letter and determined that they did not see the words of Feng tianqing.

"You mean TIANQING right? Not forgotten, how could I forget it! He aloneis someone I have to write,personally!"

Sure enough, it is said that the princess will not forget the most important one, and write it by herself. This shows how important the second prince is to the princess!

  Qin Yu asked how to write the word "Xiu er", how to write that word, spent 5 minutes, and quickly completed the letter to Tianqing, if ...that can also be called a letter.

A short line, 'I am leaving, I will come back when I am free, don't read, treasure! 'The payment is... the face of the Q version of theLan Qin Yu that apologizes, plus the words "sorry"...

The black line of Xiu ers, not quite surely opening: "Princess, you...determined to write only... these, right?"

Blowing the undried ink, Lan Qin Yu nodded.

  Xiu er thought, if the Highness really saw the note, 80%... No! Absolutely, it will definitely be mad! Not looking for death?

Originally, Qin Yu wanted to write a little more. Later, she thought about it. Anyway, no matter what she wrote, Tianqing would be half-dead, and it would be better not to write anything. Now he just put his mind on Feng Jilin, and will not notice her here for the time being.

The later he thinks of her, the farther she can run! Come on, run!

You know, she didn't plan to stay in the palace forever from the beginning. It is only a matter of time. It has been a miracle to live for more than half a year! She is not sorry!

In this way, she convinced herself with a few words, and the small sense of guilt in the heart of Lan Qin  Yu vanished, and she was happy to pack her bags.

"Princess, don't you have to tell Zier?" If you left without a word, Zier found that she didn't tell her, I am afraid I have to cry again...

Well, the jewellery should be carried with you. The silver ticket for the last time to go out of the palace should be placed on the body at any time. If the jewels are stolen, there will be silver tickets and they will not be on the streets! Also, the 'away blade' that was made last time should be carried, simply don't be on the calf!

Wei Xiaobao is not always carrying a dagger! She also wants to defend herself!

"Zier? She said that she really is not there, forget it! Don't tell her, she can't hide her gimmick. Telling her is equivalent to saying to someone, I want to run!"

"That is true."(They are so cruel~~)

"Ah! I thought!"

  Lan Qin Yu screamed, then went back to the front desk, fired off letters, and wrote a large sheet of words.

"Do not be angry?"

What's this?

  Lan Qin Yu secretly admire herself, to even think of such a good note!

"You turn this into your words, and then hand it to Tianqing with the note."

"Together? Ah ...... Xiu er understands."

In this way, can you let Tianqing calm down his anger?

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