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"Good morning, sunshine!" Joey says brightly as he enters his room. I was laying on his bed, playing with my locket.

"Good morning." I smile, letting the locket drop.

"Don't mind me, I'll be over here, taming the beast that is my hair," he closes the door to his bathroom.

I wave goodbye and realize I actually like his morning hair. It's very...natural and real. I like it.

I tried to comprehend what just happened the previous day. I saved Joey's camera. I met Joey Graceffa. I met Luke Conard. I met Ingrid Nilsen. I fell asleep at Echo Base. Joey carried me to his house. I slept in Joey's bed. I am in Joey's house.

It all seems so unreal. Like its too good to be true.

I spend the rest of the time Joey's in the bathroom to think about my mom. How she always was drunk. She was abusive sometimes. But when she wasn't drunk, she was a good, whole- hearted, selfless, person. Alcohol changed it all for her. I teared up just thinking about her.

I heard the bathroom door jiggle open and quickly blinked tears away and sniffed.

"It has been done." and Joey walks out with his perfect hair.

"Hey, do you have any clothes I can borrow?" I ask.

"Brittany should have some..." Joey hesitates.

"Um... I don't think...she's in my offense to Britanny, she's beautiful the way she is."

Joey half-laughs. "You can borrow one of my shirts." he rummages through his closet and pulls out a white v-neck with light blue, green, yellow, and grey stripes.

"Thanks," I say. "I'll just..." I start walking towards the bathroom.

I shut the door and shrug off my dress. I let it fall to the floor and pull on Joey's shirt. It's obviously too big on me, it covers my butt! But that's ok, since I don't have any thing under. I slip on my locket necklace. I gather my belongings into a bundle and open the door.

"I think I need some shorts." i say.

Joey seems startled by the sight of my in nothing but his shirt on. I try to hide my smile. He looks away the moment he sees me.

"Sure," he says nervously. He pulls out some gym shorts from a drawer. "Here."

I pull the shorts on and Joey instantly relaxes. I remember I left my bag in the living room and I go get it back, and fill it with my belongings.

"You want some waffles?" Joey asks when he enters the kitchen.

Now that I think of it, my stomach has even growling like crazy.

"Yes, please!"


Joey and I have a pleasant breakfast together, laughing and joking.

After we're done he says, "Do you want to go to Ingrid's? Maybe she has some clothes for you."

I laugh. "Maybe I'll look better in clothes that fit me."

"Well I think you look cute either way." Joey smiles his genuine smile.

All I can do is smile back, without screaming with joy.


Joey drives me to Ingrid's and as we walk there, I feel comfortable enough to stand right beside him.

There was never a silent moment between us. We were always talking about something, as simple as the new Katy Perry song, to my past relationships.

"I'll pick you up later, ok?" Joey says, looking down at me. I was so short he had to look down.

"I'll call you when I'm ready?" I ask, staring up at his eyes.

"Oh yeah, here, give me your phone." I hand Joey my phone.

He punches a few numbers in and hands it back to me. "I added Luke's and Ingrid's numbers too."

"Thanks," I smile up at him.

"Bye," he says.

But before I could hug him goodbye, he started walking away.

I sighed and spun around to knock on Ingrid's door.

A bright and happy Ingrid answers the door. "Oh hi!" she says.

"Hey, do you have some clothes I can borrow?" I say, pointing Joey's clothes.

She laughs a little at my clothes, and I laugh with her. "Yeah, of course."

I enter her apartment and immediately squeal "Nugget!" at the sight of the fluffy white kitten.

I run up to the cute kitten and he starts purring instantly. "AWWW, he's so cute!"

Ingrid laughs at Nugget who cuddles up to my arm.

"I'm gunna go get you some clothes," and Ingrid walks off to her room.

I continue petting Nugget as she finds me something to wear.

"I hope this fits," she comes back with some casual light blue jeans and a classic white v-neck. "You can go try it on in there," and she leads me into the bathroom with a smile.

I close the door and change my clothes. They fit perfectly.

Ingrid is so nice. As nice as she seems on camera.

I step out of the bathroom and Ingrid says "You look great! And since you lost most of your stuff at the airport, I'm going to take you to target to buy some stuff,"

"Oh really? Thanks so much!" I smile at her.

And we start walking towards her car, ready to spend some time with Ingrid.

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